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haha the idea is hilarious

very funny sound effects and super enjoyable gameplay - its very addictive!

Beautiful art style!

awesome idea, could actually be a really fun mobile game!

(note to players - if you hold forward before you restart on level 2 you dont fall through the ground!)

Thank you so much! We will work on a book of lore for this game and sell it for millions >:)

Thank you so much :D

Pretty fun, loved the look of it and the driving was pretty great! I had more fun when I just held down W and just sent it so maybe it would have been better if you're always driving forwards? Great job!

Really cool concept. I could see it working well as a puzzle game :0

This is the quote we will put on the box when we ship this to millions of happy players!

music loaded for me and it was great,  the whole atmospehere is awesome and so is the gameplay. really really enjoyed playing

Animation is great and the game was actually really fun. Possibly too many ingredients but yeah nice one!

Woah this awesome cant wait to play it on mobile! Really polished and fun to play

Despite killing the slime, i felt pretty nice! good vibes

wow that really was a nice day thanks!

Nice i really like the gameplay and it fits well with the theme. Just wish i listened... :(

omg that took a dark turn 

Because you win the game, not by winning the race but by getting the place the pink drug lord wants!

Agreed about the UI though. :)

am i missing something? how r u supposed to progress?? 10 attempts and i cant get past the first spikes?

Woaa this is so fun!! Fits the theme really well and just generally really good game design very polished :D

Thanks Kunkers! We took him out of our nightmares :0

Thanks! Yeah we agree, it needs to feel faster

Thanks very much, glad you liked it!

Haha! Yeah we wish we could have made it more skill and timing based and not completely random physics based. Glad you liked the octopus too, thanks! 

Thank you!

Thank you and yeah, we agree it was a bit too slow :)

Thank you!

Thank you very much :)

Thank you for this! We completely agree with the critisisms and love the idea of throwing in some random objects. I wish we could have made it feel a bit more skill based but we'll work on it. Cheers!

Really awesome art and animations. Hope you continue with this game!

So satisfying when you get it right!

Really cool concept, love the reverse gravity idea and all the art is really awesome!

Two things though - 1. Jump is a little too floaty and 2. When jumping, you cant turn left or right which is fine if that's what your going for but i feel there should be a little bit of movement allowed.

Overall really awesome game I hope you continue working on it, I wanted to play more!

Love the art, the cuteness makes up for how frustrating the animals are haha. This game has great potential, just needs polishing :)

Great fun, but yeah need a little bit more time to see where the rocks are gonna be :)

no problem! haha yeah of course, tbh we just put in some buttons quickly right at the end, thank you so much for the feedback though :)

We have all pushed this trolley before hahaha

Love the art really nicely stylised, great level design, such a cool idea/concept!!

Had a lot of fun playing this oneQ

Small complaint is i found the parallax scrolling a little odd, needs tweaking. Overall a very enjoyable game :)

hahaha well... it would be bad marketing

Hey thanks so much for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it!

Wish there was more, really enjoyed playing it, very nice level design