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Working on it. The plan is to allow key customization.

I have no idea what this is going on. I'll open a ticket for Itch support. Thanks for sharing it

Yes, the update is compatible with old game saves.

Thanks! Hope you have fun!

I'm preparing an untested MacOS version.  It will be available this afternoon.  Hope it works

Thanks for playing it. The plan is to add game variations once I have all five games up and running.

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You need to have enough "free space" to move a stack. The number of free spaces you have  is computed using the number of free cells in the upper left corner and the number of free stacks in the lower part of the board. 

The formula is X = (F+1 ) * (C+1)

where X is the maximum size of the stack you can move, F is the number of free cells and X is the number of free columns.

I have to review  the code. It's the first version of the game. It's a little bit buggy.

Thanks for playing it 

Yes. I will upload a Linux build of version    0.7.8

The atmosphere of the game is amazing! Impressed by the generated levels.  I think that the game concept is very good, so the    game has a great potential.

I like a lot the idea of having multiple different minerals to gather.  The game is fun. Having different difficulty levels could make it funnier.

Great job!

I like a lot how  is evolving this project. The  idea has a lot of potential. Great job!

I'm the worst platformer player on the world probably. Anyway I like this game a lot. Levels are hard, but they very well designed. I like a lot    the effects and the innovative mechanics.

Great job! 

I like the game a lot. The game is fun and some puzzles are challenging.

I miss  some basic instructions about how to play.

Great game!

Thanks for playing it and thanks for the comments. I really appreciate it!

I have uploaded an updated version (0.7.6). PDA icons are now clickable and the text automatically resizes. I fully agree, I have to find a way  to add some navigation support. It will probably be available in the next patch.

It's fun :D

Great looking game.  Target was impossible to hit to me. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that target speed is not using delta time.

Great atmosphere and visual effects. I miss strafe movement in large rooms. 

Great game, congratulations

Great game! Fun and polished. I like a lot the combat system

Very unique concept. I love it

Thanks for playing it!

Thanks for playing  it. Losing a minigame means losing a life. Hearts add a life. Losing all lifes lead to a death scenario.

Thanks for playing it! Yes, you are right, I have made a "creative" interpretation of the fighting rule. I'm thinking of trying a mix between mini-games and traditional combat next year

Thanks for playing it! Yeah, you're right, I've twisted a little bit the rules this year  ;-)

Thanks! :D

Thanks for playing it! The initial plan was to make a final boss minigame as a combination of arkanoid and space invaders, but I didn't have time to make it playable. Maybe I'll have time to add it after the jam.

Thanks for playing it!

Yeah, you're right, movement is too slow. Lesson learned for the next year jam: making the movement speed configurable. I should add strafe movement too.

I'm really sorry. The game is made with Godot. The Godot HTML exports are not fully compatible with Safari. The game includes some features that require Web GL 2.0, that it's not  fully supported by Safari.

I've tested it on Chrome, Firefox and Edge , all of them configured   with standard protection option. May I know what browser and OS are you using?

Thanks in advance

Great job! A map would be a good addition. Anyway is a great job for a three days jam.

Great job! A map would be a good addition. Anyway is a great job for a three days jam.

I like the game. I love the way you have combined 2D and 3D. Great job!

I love the concept and the game. 

 It could be great to add a little bit more time

A great UNIQUE game. Excellent work!

Great job!

A classic game. One of the best of its time.

It's fun! It reminds me the Lemmings game

I love the concept. Great job!

I never had so much fun cutting onions.

Great work!

Lot of fun! Great job!