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Uhm, RUDE!

thats offensive

you can configure the goose's colors in config.ini

no, the goose does not appear on multiple monitors. It appears only on the primary one.(this may be false on mac)

you tried wine?

you could port that.

samperson didnt make the mac port, jesus did.

Mac support by the brilliant Jesús A. Álvarez

you could make an chrome exstension, and put it on chrome web store with samperson's permission.

how to install mazinger z saves venezuela MZSV - YouTube

not in full version


bruh no credit to dani what a ass

it's a trait, pirate.

its covers half of your screen.

restart if u dont like it

there could be a glitchless and glitch run... but i guess Notch doesnt check minecraft speedruns.

since you're the dev, could you legit-check the runs because you know the game best?

Speedrun it via my speedrunning site

yeah but RE RUN got accepted

man for serious stop being rude, this game is indie and not polished go somewhere else fortnite fanboy


he pressed copy in the settings menu bro its irrelevant to say its irrelevant

should work i have 16gb, 960, intel core i3 3.60 and its fine-ish

both my games

can i make a game about a 'history' i made up or does it have to be real events/history?

One Script Jam 2020 community · Created a new topic Renpy?

I want to use renpy now, but it needs multiple scripts for things like title screens and other data. But it's possible to have the story part all in one script. Can this work?


Also, note how I was on the spot!  Only a few seconds off.

I think I will try running daz w/ wine.

Yeah. I tryed it, but I'm not a genius 3d modeller.

U    L    T    R    A

T     H     I     C     C

Oh, yeah. UE4 is pretty good for games, too. I use Pygame Zero for my games, mostly.

Oh, ok. Thanks.

I use Pygame Zero and make some good games, but using Pgz is cheating.

Ok. I'll try it, thanks.

It doesn't work on linux, keeps closing

It can't run?

Bad GC?

I'll sure play it! First linux exclusive on itch!!!

Ren'py is actually real useful for making vns. The basicish python based programming is great, cause I know python, I might make games with it.

Hi there, I recently got Ren'py and I wanted to use Daz for graphics for games, but it doesn't run on Linux. What are some other good 3d modelling programs for linux?

How did you get the graphics?

(1 edit)

Oh, I just saw...

You made your own engine.


EDIT:Oh, no wait. You used renpy.