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Ravenfield (Beta 5)

Walk upon the Ravenfield with your BLUE allies! · By SteelRaven7

the secret gun?

A topic by kickbutowsky321 created Oct 14, 2019 Views: 3,410 Replies: 12
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i see in the patch note that there is "definitely no secret weapons" and what floating orange sphere? can you a least tell us if there is a secret weapon or not



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secret weapon is golden wrench. enter I see gold and scroll through weapons to find golden wrench. its one shot with extreme knock back and turns enemies (or anyone) gold.


Sounds like the Austrailium Wrench to me.

You're wrong about the konami code. You should enter "iseegold" instead if you want the wrench. (also i know this is a year old post but just fixing some mistakes)

where do i enter the iseegold code?


in the menu and if you hear a sound that means it worked

what menu 





not in full version

is there any other secret weapons beside the golden wrench?

and where is the floating ball?

cuz its kinda sus