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More about the fact that it's quite easy to get hurt, and since you seem to only be able to attack left & right (not up or down), you have to frequently reposition yourself and try to get around the hordes of creatures, taking lots of damages in the process :/

(Btw your sounds effects are great :d)

Original concept, I like your take on the theme! Just misses some clarity on the differences between the reflexions, but overall it's very well done in 3 hours. Congrats!

Nice game, some troubles with the hitbox and the game's difficulty but it's well done in only 3 hours! Congrats =)

Great job in only 3 hours! The challenge is high, but the take on the theme is great. Congrats!

Effective design, touching lots of enemies with the laser is really satisfying, I liked it!

Thanks hehe, always thinking about juicing things up!

Thanks, and congrats :d

Thanks, that's very kind of you! I plan to push it just a llittle bit further and polish it properly in the next days :)

Thanks a lot! I definitely plan to polish it properly haha ✌️

Thanks a lot!

Thanks :D

Thanks a lot! =)

Great game, seems very polished and I really liked the "dash" mechanic. Congrats!

Very peaceful entry, that was nice to discover ! I really liked the clean art style and pace of the game. My only complain would be the size of the collider box for the ship, which is bigger than the sprite and feels a bit unfair when you crash, but that's a small issue. An interesting addition imo would be something that hints the direction of the fishes, so you always know more or less where to head :)

(And plz a gun to shut these damn gulls up)

So overall, congratulations !

Really had a good time with this one, the challenge is very interesting ! My only point would be that using another key than space for jumping is a bit confusing and frequently led me to some missed jumps (maybe the sonar could have been mapped to Return, Shift or Left Button Mouse?), but it's a very small issue.

Congratulations for this entry!

Great entry, the feeling is very good and the concept original ! The only thing I thought about was that activating the heightened sense also renders the red enemies invisible, which makes it a bit hard to keep track of everything when switching mode. I think having only the white enemies be affected by the sense would have been more logical and mangeable, but it's very subjective.


Thanks a lot! :)

Thanks for your comment !

Yep that's normal, we haven't had the time to integrate the ending (😢) but we'll do in an update this week :)

Hilarious game, full of subtle jokes and references ! Graphics are so much fun, design is very ingenious (the correspondance between the actions performed by the character and the ones by the player on his keyboard are great) and the music is very engaging.

Congrats for this game made in only 2 days !

Thanks ! I wanted to add the ability to attack/swing your weapon, just to build even more expectations ... but didn't have time to do it ^^

(1 edit)

Thanks ! I originally planned to make it longer but, like all Jam, you never finish what you wanted to do ^^" given that each room has its own piece of armor/weapon and the fact that it's the first time I made graphics in a game, I didn't have time to make more different images for more stuff :/

Very fun game, didn't see the twist coming ! Graphics are amazing and the design idea really suits the theme. Congrats !