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Félix Belthoise

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Thanks a lot! :)

Thanks for your comment !

Yep that's normal, we haven't had the time to integrate the ending (😢) but we'll do in an update this week :)

Hilarious game, full of subtle jokes and references ! Graphics are so much fun, design is very ingenious (the correspondance between the actions performed by the character and the ones by the player on his keyboard are great) and the music is very engaging.

Congrats for this game made in only 2 days !

Thanks ! I wanted to add the ability to attack/swing your weapon, just to build even more expectations ... but didn't have time to do it ^^

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Thanks ! I originally planned to make it longer but, like all Jam, you never finish what you wanted to do ^^" given that each room has its own piece of armor/weapon and the fact that it's the first time I made graphics in a game, I didn't have time to make more different images for more stuff :/

Very fun game, didn't see the twist coming ! Graphics are amazing and the design idea really suits the theme. Congrats !