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Great game! Like you said, it’s really impressive how many people are creative with the same set of assets. A really good game!

I really love it! I’m a big fan of (point and click games), it brings back so many good memories. And the sounds remind me of (Bomberman).

Wow, that’s really cool! Good luck with your JAM, that’s awesome! Thanks for playing Dino Island…, maybe I won’t make a web version.

Here’s what I’m doing… just testing out some characters.

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yes I had some problems and I have to change dinos characters so I’m working on it to update new characters for this world. This update will come out along with new characters, gamepad support and a new story. 🙂

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Hi, these songs are from, hope this helps.

Fragments, Secret Labs, Luxury Living, Dark Crossing.

Thank you! I’m glad you liked it.

Thanks ! 🧡

Thanks!!! I loved it! 🧡

Yes, we will soon have controller/gamepad support.

Hey! this is kind of difficult at the moment but as soon as possible I bring a port for macOS.

Hi could you test the new version 4 to see if the bug is resolved?

This happens when another program is overlapping the game window, i will try to solve it. Thanks for reporting this as it is very important to improve the game.

hello, this is my game -

you can take a screenshot or something to illustrate better?

This is my game try to find a spy if you get sleepy have a drink Thanks!

This is my game try to find a spy if you get sleepy have a drink

Man this is fantastic!!! What an amazing game, I loved it, you really did a great job.

Great game.

Great game! The story is so good and the gameplay is smart.

thank you

I loved the style and the atmosphere is amazing, the sound effects are really good.

Here’s my game:

Here’s my game:

Here’s my game:

Here’s my game:

Here’s my game:

Very cool.

Check my game too:

thanks man this is my game:

A great challenge, fun and smart. great game!

Great game!

Wow fantastic I really loved it!

My game!

Good job amazing arts.

Great Game!

Awesome game! I loved the music and the gameplay.

Great game man! I loved this style and the ending is a surprise.