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ello I posted a demo for MAC to do a test. Thanks for your help. :)

In the next update with more content for the game I will do a port for Mac, but I don't have a mac would you like to test the build when it is ready?

Thanks for your comment, let's see what can be doing this error and resolve it as soon as possible.

Hope you have solved the problem, maybe in the next updates the game will be available in the compressed format without having to install it. :)

the game saves all data automatically, but in the next update it will have a game pause feature. Thank you for your comment was very important. ;)

Hi the control of movement of the dinosaur is using the arrow keys, using the keys (d, s , a) are other controls that appear in the course of the game. I hope you can play.

Thank you very much for the video! Thanks for your comments on the game, I will improve the controls along with the next update along with some (Power-Ups) new to the game.

Yes of course! I'm working on an update feel free to download it whenever you want.

Yes, the game is made with unity, I'm already using capsule colliders, I'll check the hitboxes. Thank you for your comment and it is extremely important.

Thanks for your comment. I will check the hitboxing.

Hello how are you? I used these sound effects in a commercial game, okay?
I left your credits in the game.

Hi, I used these sound effects in a commercial game, okay?


Hi, I used these sprites in a commercial game, okay with that?


Hi, how are you? I used one of your backgrounds from this package in a commercial project, is everything okay with that?

Ansimuz you are amazing, i love your work! Thank you for these amazing free arts.


Hi Arks, I used these amazing sprites in my game, a commercial project, is everything okay with that?
Great work your arts are amazing!


See how you navigate the selection of game levels, there are 40 levels plus bonus levels.

Game :

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Free for now, final production stage.

Dino Island - The Four Crystals

In this game you will find levels with incredible challenges, with a simple and creative story. A very fun casual game.

The game contains more than 40 levels with 10 from each part of the dinosaurs island. you will have to collect crystals and keys to save this island.

With a retro pixel art look and an easy and intuitive gameplay you will have a lot of fun.

With different gameplay mechanics presented in each different "world" you will find (island foresta, island cave, island sunset and water island).

Game link :

If you want to leave Feedback, it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Dino Island - The Four Crystals

Dino Island - The Four Crystals by Felipe Hunte

Free for now, final production stage.

No, maybe in future updates.

hi all right, "The Dark Forest" will be a commercial game, I can use the music in the game, I credit you.

can I use your music in a commercial game? I will give the credits for sure. and always good question before using.

Hi, I love your music. I found it amazing, I used them in my game, I hope to keep count. Thanks.
Game link for you to see:

Thank you. I'm waiting anxiously.

you can do a 32-bit support