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Hi! I absolutely love this game, the frank explorations of both kink and forms of affection and needs, and hurt and that all of that is okay to have. It was very refreshing and healing to play this game, as someone that would probably be a monstergirl in this universe. I do have one question, though. I'm having a lot of trouble finding the last ending? Ive tried, as far as I know, every choice, but still only have 9/10. I have Becoming Treasured, Bent Over, Mad Science BFFs, Movie Night, Owned Kitty, Rebooted Thrall, Soft Puppy, Suffering Correctly, and Wishful Genie. 

This is so well made- the music and sound effects are soothing and the colour palette is pleasant to look at. It wasn't too challenging but made me think at times. Thank you so much for this lovely little game<3

I really, really love this game. There character designs are so nice and well thought out. The premise is really interesting, and the story (though not very much expanded upon in this small game) is really fascinating and cool. I want to know more!! It bothered me a bit looking through the comments and not seeing people talk about Succulent at all. I loved Succulent! They're very sweet and full of puns! I played all the endings and while I loved Rose's, (I'm a sucker for cheesy romance, being swept off my feet, etc) I found it wasn't inherently as interesting as the other ones. Sure there was the scene under the tree, but it was resolved so quickly and you never really worried about the MC or even Rose's intentions. I liked the whole saving the bees/fighting the Venus Flytraps thing going on with Succulent's route, and again I want to know more! I liked Wiserias ending as well, being I understood it- I only wish there was another ending for them where I don't die! Also the music was very pretty.

I would love to see this expanded upon! I feel like this world has so much potential and could be made into something really really spectacular. With the time that you guys had, you made something great, though. I have so many questions about this world and the characters and what happens next.

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This game has been out for a while now and I've noticed there's no topics on its page which is a shame. Because WOW

The art is STUNNING, the concept amazing, the child-like wonder is feasible, and the interactions are complicated enough to make you think but simple enough to not make my brain hurt. I absolutely adore this game, the mysticism and the magical-ness of it. I've probably played it a million times. It's so good, and I beg- /beg/ the people who worked on this to consider expanding on it or even just creating something else similar. I would pay a lot for a full version of this cute little game. I adore it. So much. Thank you guys for creating it!

This game is fantastic. Short and sweet- but I really, really loved it. The introspectiveness of the MC was actually relatable and realistic. (rare) It made me kind of sadly nostalgic of a time period where I, too, was isolated and didn't know what I was going to do in the future. The beautiful music just complimented that kind of "stuck" nature of the emotions there. On the flip side, the interactions with Skipper and Dahlia felt like real conversations I would have with my friends. Every ending filled me with different emotions- elation, regret. You did a really good job at putting this all together. Good work! I'll be looking forward to seeing more from you ( :

This is an absolutely adorable game. The character design for Nadine/art is general is so precious. I really loved the whole concept! You did a really good job, and I'm very excited for the expanded version!

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This game is absolutely lovely. The character sprites are gorgeous, the backgrounds are beautiful- the interactions are charming and fun. I adore that there are (almost) no bad endings, and trust me I played all of them. It was so refreshing to see a game where the main character (almost) always kept her independence, desire for justice, and need to help others. Charming is a really fun protagonist and I found that I never got annoyed or tired of playing as her. The princes were really nice as well. I really liked all the different routes. If I HAD to pick one, I'd probably pick Zel's "better' route, because he is very sweet and reminds me of myself in a way with his shyness eheh. But yes, overall this is a fantastic game and I absolutely cannot wait for the expansion of this story and more options!

Hi! I ran into a bug where whenever there was text as the main character is walking away from houses (I didn't expect to find it at my first stop, what does a guy in the woods know about what I'm doing...) the text doesnt dissapear and instead layer over each other, making any spoken text unreadable. Other than that it's a lovely game and the art is so soft and wonderful. I adore the style, the concept, and the music. I only wish I could read what everyone is saying!