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I really, really love this game. There character designs are so nice and well thought out. The premise is really interesting, and the story (though not very much expanded upon in this small game) is really fascinating and cool. I want to know more!! It bothered me a bit looking through the comments and not seeing people talk about Succulent at all. I loved Succulent! They're very sweet and full of puns! I played all the endings and while I loved Rose's, (I'm a sucker for cheesy romance, being swept off my feet, etc) I found it wasn't inherently as interesting as the other ones. Sure there was the scene under the tree, but it was resolved so quickly and you never really worried about the MC or even Rose's intentions. I liked the whole saving the bees/fighting the Venus Flytraps thing going on with Succulent's route, and again I want to know more! I liked Wiserias ending as well, being I understood it- I only wish there was another ending for them where I don't die! Also the music was very pretty.

I would love to see this expanded upon! I feel like this world has so much potential and could be made into something really really spectacular. With the time that you guys had, you made something great, though. I have so many questions about this world and the characters and what happens next.