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Through the Playground

A mysterious journey through post-soviet playground · By V.K.

Review of sorts

A topic by Feffity created Jan 08, 2017 Views: 343 Replies: 1
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This game has been out for a while now and I've noticed there's no topics on its page which is a shame. Because WOW

The art is STUNNING, the concept amazing, the child-like wonder is feasible, and the interactions are complicated enough to make you think but simple enough to not make my brain hurt. I absolutely adore this game, the mysticism and the magical-ness of it. I've probably played it a million times. It's so good, and I beg- /beg/ the people who worked on this to consider expanding on it or even just creating something else similar. I would pay a lot for a full version of this cute little game. I adore it. So much. Thank you guys for creating it!

I more or less agree!