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Hi there. I just purchased the game and I have a question about how to play it. What does the instruction "roll on the tables to generate prompts for your story" mean? Does it have to do with the "Avid locations", "Jeopardy Customs" and "cthonic customs" ?

Thank you for the great encouragement! 

loved the atmosphere you created here

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This was a really smart and emotional game. I'm very slow to pick up on mechanics, but once I realized how you were adjusting the space in the room based on the tasks I chose to do throughout the day, I was like "damn, that's sooooo smart".  You convey emotion better than most games I've played. 

Awesome! Thanks for trying though

Sorry I'm replying late. It says that its version 1.2.2. I haven't tested it on another browser, but I'll let you know when I do

I'm using chrome. I'll try it again to see if it comes up

Hi there!, I got this error message "Error: cannot execute macro <<linkreplace>>: Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of undefined" after I pressed the red arrow on the first screen

I loved how atmospheric it felt! It made the conversation between the two people feel more intimate

Everything about this was sweet and charming. I'm excited to go and play episode 2 now!

Thank you so much. I definitely feel encouraged to keep making more games! And it's dope to have people from SA playing my game

Thanks so much for playing it!

I really liked the game and your art style! It was a bit hard to read the text sometimes.

This was so fun to play! I definitely have to play through it a couple more times because Spicy never got my number in the end :( 

Thank you for playing :)

Thank you <3

Thank you <3 I'm definitely going to have Laura play this (even though I'm a bit nervous to show it to them) 

This is so awesome!

Thank you. I really appreciate hearing that

Lol this is great!

Thank you so much

That's very cool. I'll definitely try hacking code for my next bitsy game :) 

Very cute game! I just made my first game in bitsy and I was wondering how you got the bunnies to move with your avatar?

A really cute, short game! Awesome work.

I loved the art style and the particle clouds you used for the dialogue. I played through the game a couple of times and each time I grew more curious about why the main character moved and why they started seeing (I chose her) the girl and why they felt attached to her.

This is such an interesting and fun game. I really liked moving between each puzzle and the way you introduced new concepts with animations in the environment. I'll be sure to get the full game when it hits steam

Hey there. I've been playing the game for the past hour and the I've been loving it so far. There is this thing where the game starts to slow down when dialogue comes up and there's no way for me to skip to the end of the dialogue