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Hey! Sorry, that was an oversight on my part. I did manage to get builds for those platforms available now. If you are playing on them,if you can, please tell me if it works since I can't test them. Thanks for your comment.

As a person who loves to rearrange furniture, I appreciate this game. Really well done ideia. :D

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Really like the idea for the mechanics. I feel like this could evolve into a really great game. The art is also lovely. Well done!

Hey this was pretty fun! Really liked the level design.

Hey! Thanks for playing and for commenting. I appreciate the feedback aswell :)

Congrats, this was a great ideia! Art and sound also really great. Died on the first game after getting to the last vampire, unlucky... XD

Thank you! These are some really great tips.

Really awesome creation! just one thing bugged me, sometimes i wouldn't know what a button did or if i needed to keep it pressed or just press it once, specifically in a big level. it would helped for the buttons to stay 'pressed' so that i know which ones were activated or not :)

Really cool idea and very well made!

Very simple and well put together idea! great job!

Really funny sound effects LUL. also the better use for ragdolls i've seen in a game XD. But the platforming gets a little unfair in some parts, in my opinion

Awesome creation! really nice art 

Wow! this is great! Those particle effects, man, nice job!