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Baxtiyor Bahodirov

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I don't know how I managed to find this! But I remembered  your game  at once after listening to this.

Thank you! 

I rated. And I think adding music to your game could make it way more better than that.

Anyway It was very good.

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Sorry, but before playing make sure your Numpad is not unlocked (try pressing NumLock in the keyboard.) 

Volume of the music could be reduced by your computer settings :)   

Couldn't play

It look like Carlson! 

Mouse control was a bit difficult to me.

I hope I could see more development on the project. Good

It was a bit difficult to understand at first to me too. 

But game has pretty good controls, graphics and music! 

Love it. 

Movement awesome! However with some extra stuff game would be way more better! 

For instance: Some particles when enemy dies. And add some action music background to keep your game interesting. 

Overall: Lovely, Enjoying. 

I really love the music but I think it would more better if you add some particles and make eating others more interesting. And add some purpose to like if player couldn't eat anything for a while so it could die because of Hawkin radiation may be. 

I hope to see further developements on the game.

Models and animations are pretty cool ! However there are a lot to add to the game in order to make it more interesting to the player.  

But, I love it!

Thank you very very very much! especially for "Schulte table". I really needed that.

Thank you!

Thank you for playing and feedback! You are right because I added all animations and UI about 1 or 2 hours before the deadline I was too frantic. But I hope to fix that problems after jam end. "Better late then never!"

Awesome! I believe I would continue playing this game even after the jam. But it's becomes somehow slow when there are  a lot of bombs instantiated!

Overall, It's good. I Rated!
I wish to see further developments in it in the future! 

Thank you! Yeah, you are right I also think numpad wasn't best option! Actually I  added it as a test input but later ended up running out of time and couldn't changed!

Just amazing! I really loved this one. 

And I think there is some kind of error I believe it was when two lazers collided (or problem might be be in other part) they stopped in that colliding point visually but their colliders didn't, there were out there even it's invisible! (I crushed with invisible wall in a nutchell). I can't say exactly where was it because it happened only once. 

However, don't worry, game is stunning. (just like tunnel trouble) 

Lovely! Good luck!

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I really liked it. Especially graphics but I think instantiating asteroids could be much smoother if  you added some fade in effect.

Overall, really good. Love to see it after some development. Good luck!

This is the first game i played, rated and commented on. 

Idea seems cools, but I  think there are a lot of things to work on.

Thank you!  I will fix it later.

oo  ok. thank you

First of all good game, but guys see this

The  first game in the list of  rating needed games is Mirror Mirror

And this is game is rated by 35 people so far! 

Anyway, the jam was astonishing.

Thank you, but not like yours I really enjoyed from 1-level.

Thank you indeed, you don't know how greatly you inspired me to keep going. 

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Hello, I just wanted someone to test my game on mac because I haven't got mac. I have never exported my game to macOS before so I need you to see wheather  is it working or not.  I don't want to make you rate my game but feel free to rate in case you want. It is necessary for me to check am I built my game for mac correctly so I should built mac games for next game jams! Thank you in advance. ;)

Hello my friend this is just indeed funny, I tried to win 1 - level about 15 times And finally when I decided to quit I won. ;) rated.

Cool! For me game need some animating improvement! GREAT JOB anyway!

Please, before playing this game check this video because so many people have found this games really hard! In this video you can learn some tricks to play.  

I will edit all my comments now.


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Your Graphic design skill is pretty cute! lol

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of course everyone is saying that, but because I have played it 100 times it seemed too easy to play for me before submitting.  Thank you! *(that's why I made it hard(oh this is my mistake sorry ;))) 

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Good art and graphics

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How did you draw all this! Just want to learn! Great

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I love TDS style! Well done

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if (1==1){

       Debug.Log("The game is good");

} else {

      Debug.Log("Awful, why you submitted it?");


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Good ArtStyle

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You have talent for game design!