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Far Few Giants

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Hey guys, we just released The Night Fisherman, a tiny narrative game, for free!

Hey, glad you enjoyed it! Translation is a bit uncertain at the moment, the game uses a user-entered search database and some language-specific leaps of logic in order to solve the puzzles. If you'd like to talk about it some more drop us an email or DM on twitter!

Thanks! glad you enjoyed it, nice writing and simple graphics can go a long way

You're telling me!

Thanks, it helped that I already owned the asset packs from a previous project and had tailored them to my needs, We have a suite of narrative tools we re-use regularly as well, I wouldn't expect this of every jam! haha

There's two objects, the bear and the poster on the window, yeah we ran out of time to implement the other storylines

Loved it, big thumbs

I get the capitalisation, but Blaire?

Hi Ommlet, I just got this error as well. The dev informed me that the project only supports 2019 versions of unity at the moment. 2018 support in the future is uncertain.

I'd like to see a version of the download key page with banner art & text like the store page. It's a little basic at the moment.

For context, this would be for sending out review keys to journalists and / or publishers.

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this game is highly recommended for recently sentient AI