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Far Few Giants

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It's on hold at the moment

This is the good shit

Sorry, we didn't know about adaptive UI stuff back then, if the full version ever comes out it'll be fully adaptive!

I'm not sure if you're describing the black bars that we have at the top and bottom of the screen for text. Or whether you're saying it stretches off the side of the screen? The game was designed for 16:9 / 1920x1080 resolution screens. Sorry if that's a problem!

Great to hear thank you so much!

It's meditative, but kinda spooky

Very deep, very dark

thank you for creating this tool, I hope it inspires a lot of writers to release their works.

that music tho

I did bird

thank you so much, glad you got something out of it. 

No worries about missing the campaign, maybe check out some of our other games & support us when the next one comes out!

I'm back again! Jeez I can't get enough. Pls release on mobile so I can play more often x

thank you very much!

Fantastic game, beautiful art and well conceived story

A beautiful way to connect with yourself and the world

I think it already supports controller, just imperfectly, give it a shot, let me know? Otherwise I'll get it in the next patch.

very yes

Ah I see you are a man of culture as well! Drop us a link? 

Excellent adventure game, well done!

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I'm in love with this game! I've come back for the third time to play it, I do find it difficult but I just got to the final level for the first time so I must be improving!

If you released this on other platforms with some more levels, different bosses or a longer end-game I would get it!

Thanks so much for diagnosing that! Glad my suspicion about other input devices was correct because otherwise it would’ve been horrible to work out! We’ll see what we can do. 


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I love the design of your page, I'm hooked on the game as well, I just wish I had more understanding of where the vampire might be lurking, so it doesn't feel like a stab in the dark, and that I understood the points system better

The Change Architect is a choice-driven protest simulator. With live camera feeds, an eagle eye view and friends on the ground, it's up to you to co-ordinate the safety and effectiveness of your demonstration from those who would look to do more than just disperse it.

Please check it out here!

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Oddly satisfying, lovely music!

Where can I find the music?

Thanks for the kind words! It means a lot :)

This was beautiful, thank you for another precious work

Yeah the RNG could maybe do with some tweaking, glad you enjoyed it though!

Great play through, Eric. Loved your commentary :)

Thank you so much Kuri!

We intend for you to follow the wind.

In the process of creating a Mac, it has already happened.

NUI community · Created a new topic Art

I love your art!

The big secret is build something really stupidly simple and keep piling on polish until it looks impressive. I can build  those forest scenes in under an hour from scratch with this artstyle.

No problem!

The message you bring with you matters.

Thanks for the really detailed report droqen, it's really strange that you're seeing this on the main path. Can I check this is on your first playthrough from boot and not on a restart? 

de Fault uses a Mac so we will investigate and hopefully have a fix up on Monday 🤞

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Depends how complicated you want to get with it, my original inktober renders were unlit, I discuss it here:

Now I'm using a simple 'up vector mask' for the snow shader on all the rocks. There's plenty of examples of this available online.

The terrain shader is by Flatkit which gives me pure black shadows, but I still want to build my own solution and improve upon it eventually.

We were discussing the shadows over here

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thank you! We're addressing that bug at the moment, thanks for calling it out! 

There's a hand full of messages in the game atm, you probably found all of them, we recorded a few more, they may get patched in next week to improve replayability.

Thank you so much for the coverage, can't wait to watch it!