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It's so nice thank you ! I'm glad people keep finding this game hehe

Makes me want to get back into it !! 

Thank you so so much

An ode to memory loss :

James... I mean, Trevor

We've walked round and around

Holy shit ! Holy shit ! Who am I ?

Remember ?

Our child died in the year of horse

You owed three hundred and fifty dollars

I am deeply concerned

Ivan, you're a smartchild

You sound like a merchant trying to sell me something on the street. Yes please.

hello ! This game was quite fun, I liked it very much ! :)

Couldn't figure out what the writing on the wall meant though ... Help ?

Thank you so much !! :D It makes me very happy to know people are still finding and playing this, hehe, happy you had fun !

Loved playing this ! It was so fun to gossip more and more unlikely scenarios in our hell-corp. Also, so many secrets !

I think the system works very well to give you just enough push and inspiration and let you go wild.

Good stuff right there, can't wait to play more of it.

So cute and funny, love the drawings & sound effects ! 

Here I tried :

You are the only person left who sleeps

Don't make a sound

When they try to ask you what you're doing, steal one die

Also you're a lesbian hatter

Thank you for simplifying this. Demistifying it. Yeah. Makes sense.

This is so silly I love it


Every single entity in this forest is judging me so hard. >:(

Great job, you've created a very interesting mood in this game. The complete unreality. Reminds me of late seasons of the magnus archives, or that one "trees" episode in night vale.

I mean would you trust a random old lady who tells you she can stop the end of the world, anyway ?

Thank you !

I liked this a lot ! I hope you can expand this idea with even more dialogue :D

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Wow, good stuff. Sun disappearing pals ! I like how real your characters feel. I got invested in them so easily. It's a testament to your writing skills, nice job !

Edit : And I just realized how the scene with the insects relates to the previous story. Genius.

Thank you so much :D An inspiration for the dark world is a twitter ARG that came out some time ago about the sun disappearing. I definitely recommend checking it out !

Aaaaahhh your words are so nice ! Thank you ! I'm glad I could make a nice experience for you :D

Thank you so much <3

Thank you so much, people enjoying this is what motivates me to make more !!

The art is indeed mine, but the music was made by psovod. Good stuff, I agree.

I like this ! Interesting game mechanics :)

Thank you, the chicken's name is Linda. I plan on making a new version just to add another spooky ending and to develop the dialogue a bit more, so you'll be able to learn more about the characters hopefully !

I'm loving the artstyle ! Sadly I can't properly play it with an azerty keyboard, movement is complicated :( But I like what I have been able to see !

Good job, it was fun ! I agree that making the text a bit faster would be nice. Otherwise, awesome concept, I hope you make more !

Thank you so much ! I'm honored.

That's so funny, yep.

Thanks !!

I liked it ! The graphics and movements were awesome. I hope you can continue working on it after the jam.

Thank you for the kind words !

Loved this !! Really interesting game mechanics. Nicely done.

Yeah I'm pretty proud, I might just make more games in that style :3 Thank you.

Thank you so much :D

Funny, did laugh !

This was fun !! I really like the idea of the ocean as a terrifying, sentient entity..

That's fair ! Thank you for enjoying the game :)

Thank you, comments like these make me wanna create more ! :D I'm glad you liked the characters.

Thank you Theo ! :)

The movement felt smooth :) Last level was a bit challenging but I liked it !

Really liked this game, it fits perfectly with the theme of the jam !! The movement is pretty smooth, which is important for platformers, it's nice :)

Very nice game, cool athmosphere :D I hope you continue working on it after the jam ends !

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Hello ! Nice game, I love the style and sound composition :D

I am also stuck at a bunch of rocks, after following the horse. May I have a hint ?

Edit : nevermind I got it !

Thank you! :D Really liked your game too !