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I have finished a new asset package for Unity and for all who want the fbx. files!

Let's have a look at it!

With best sunny greetings!


I put together a little free package from my existing asset packages! I hope you like it.

Hi! Thank you for your reply!
What do you want for a dungeon set? There are already a lot of sets of this kind. What are you missing in them so far?


I have a small question for all game developers:
What kind of low poly 3D asset pack do you guys want?  A wild west survivla? Or a dungeon set with ghosts?
Write me your ideas and wishes!

That's OK!
I wish you good luck for your Project!


I'm a young freelance 3D artist! If you still need a 3D artist, please write me an email at:

With best regards,


I'm a freelance 3D artist. Is your project planned as 2D or as 3D?
If it's planned as a 3D game, I would like to offer my services.

With kind regards,
Ronja Dill


I have finished my alpine house for you!

I have also uploaded it for you on scatchfab, so you can see it from all sides!

I hope you will like it!
Have fun!

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Good day!

I am happy to say "Hello" here today.

I am a young, freelance 3D designer, and would like to offer my services here today.

Briefly about me personally:

I am very creative and have a great imagination. I have been working with Blender for several years. Thereby I have developed a greater and greater knowledge of modeling, texturing, rigging and animation. I have also successfully completed a distance learning course to become a certified 3D designer. I have worked on several personal projects so far. Now I would like to offer my services commercially.

"In the beginning it is just a spark, an idea or a dream. A tingling in the fingers, like an artist in front of a blank canvas. Infinite possibilities, the freedom too create anything you can imagine, and the drive to do it, gradually from the imagination.
Let's make this imagination come true."

Whether you already know exactly what you want your game to look like, or you're looking for a competent contact - you've come to the right place!

My services:

- Working out a concept (no matter if it's for a character, a general style question or the development of an area)

- Creation of preliminary drawings

- modeling

- Creation of the UV-Map

- texturing

- rigging

- Animations

- Mapping of an area

- etc.

My hourly wage is currently about 40,-.

How to contact me:



I am already looking forward to your inquiries!

Ronja from Fantasy Haven Assets!