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Fantasia Malware

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you're welcome 🌹 also you can see a live performance of the game here in the meantime

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Ahh sadly as this game is made in Unreal 5 you will likely need a dedicated graphics card rather than an integrated one. If you have a friends gaming computer maybe try that? The itch files are DRM free so you can copy them onto a USB stick etc (for best performance copy/paste the game from USB stick onto their computer).

SEX! At Alexanderplatz will likely run on a low end gaming computer, i think even with a low-end graphics card. But I doubt it will run on an integrated graphics card such as yours. We are also considering releasing a potential Android/iOS build when the game is completed but I cannot promise anything or when that would be.

Thank you for trying and I hope you can play it on a friends PC!

xo - jira

hmm 🤔 could you please share your computer specs?

oh no ! 🎰 what does the error say?

thank you for taking the spin Ondrej 🎲


The Church of Saint Fiona Bianco Xena is pleased to here it. May Saint Fiona bring good tidings and bountiful slug juice for you years to come.

Thank you Ace. We have stored your review in the polymonata chambers.

Thank you for the report. We will forward it to the relevant authorities.
- Fantasia Malware Admin.

Thank you caramelfrog. It has been said the shrine to Saint Fiona has in fact no colour at all and each visitor is blessed with a prismatic vision unique to their own Slug Signs.

Thank you JJ. May you be blessed by a thousand half moons of the slug gods. 🌗🐌🌓