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Funny game, good art, good music, easy mechanic but it works well!!
At VIII level I gave up...too hard!!
The ultra mode is unplayable

Thanks Joshua for trying it out...not my best game at all but I appreciated your feedback and I agree with you!
The game should start slower and the tutorial should be different (help to understand what shape has to match with and have some buttons to go on in the it is now it's a simple unity animation lol).
But it is the first mobile game I made douring a game jam so...
Thanks also for the english grammar corrections you can see I've to improve a lot my english skills :D

I've finished the game and it was funny! Sometimes easy, sometimes hard but it was fair enough!
Good the art as always, I liked also the sounds more than other games!
Thanks for this game :)

Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate :D
Yes I should slow down a little bit for the first level!
About the shapes matching I've done the tutorial but as some other suggested, I can add a slide explaining better the shapes matching :)

Thanks for the feedback :D
Yes, I agree!! After the jam I'll add another image in the tutorial that show better the shapes combinations...I did it on paper, I can do it also on pc ;)

The game is very funny and I enjoyed a lot the grafics, the colors and the dash jumping :D
Well done!! :)

Thanks for trying it out; yes, on pcs it's harder because you've 0.5 sec to decide the shape to click.
Anyway the game is now available on the Google Play Store:
So if you want to try it out on mobile...

Thanks for the feedback, I confirm that on a mobile device is easy to play and better enjoyable!!
Yes in full screen mode it's unplayable, it's made for mobile devices so it's hard to make a dedicated version in a so short ammount of time (I'm talking about the jam).
Anyway thanks a lot for the feedback, I really appreciate and if you want to try it out, the game is now available on the Google Play Store:

Because that should be the funny in rock paper scissor's game :D
Anyway, as I said, it was though for mobile devices and I admit that it's still hard but lot easyer than using a mouse.

Thanks for the feedback. The comments like yours help me grow up and make better projects :)

Yes, I totally agree but was born as a mobile game and was exported in html5 only to be tryied easily by the wowie game jam submitters :)

Maybe after the jam I'll implement a simple key listener to be played better on pcs!

Thanks for the feedback and for trying it out :D

Thanks for the feedback! Can you provide me your browser web name and version please?
Are you blocked in the main menu or in the game? (key to use are wasd or arrows)

Ah ok :/

Windows 10! When I run the .exe nothing happen

I can't play it...

Nice idea, I had fun playing it :D
You should add some audio effects and polish the game a little bit but in general it's a good little game!!

It's funny also if it's not complete! I'll surely enjoy playing it again in future if you'll continue developing it!!
Anway there are some bugs (only html5 version tested):
1) sometime with the shootgun it takes to loong to shoot and I've to click several times to make it happen
2) in the hexagone room, if I hit the left wall, I'm than stuck in that position and I can't move, only shoot!

I like a lot the idea to use the console also as menu!! The game have to be upgraded and you know that but in the end it's a very interesting project that I'll be happy to play again in future builds!
I think it's a good 3d project for a Jam!!

The idea is cool and the game works but you can make 4 games and than let the time go will rise the 1.000.000 in few minutes!!
You should set a random between two numbers of month. After that number of month the game dosn't generate profit any more so you've to make another one or something like that!!

Thanks for the feedback :D
Anyway there are two endings ;)

Thanks for the feedback! It's my first game so I'll surely think about that in future projects :D

You've to read the texts! The story guide you to find the solution!

I can't spoiler you all but you've to grab something clicking on it when you are near to it!

 Let me know if you can go on or if you are stack anyway ;)

I find hard to use the blue weapon because I'd like to shoot to right walking to left and viceversa and the downtime between two shots it's too much!
Anyway the game concept it's clear and you can have some fun playing it!! :)

Simple game but good idea!! Also good art style

I enjoyed the game, the art is simple and I like it and the music is relaxing and fits the style (school paper background).
You should add some music effects for shoots and damage and maybe different drops that can change the player shooting system!
Anyway I think it's enough for the Jam so well done :D

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The parts of the game where there's something hidden can be frustrating but it's funny that it's all spoilered in the story dialogs :D
I appreciate the feedback and I'm so happy that in the end it makes you laugh!! :D

Yes you are right!! Thanks again for the tips ;)

Thanks for playing and completing the game 100% and for this great feedback!

It's my first game jam and it means a lot to me :) 

ahah I can understand the frustration...I'm sorry about that, the only thing I can say is that the dialogs give the tips to go on in the story...but you already know that... :D

Thanks for the feedback and for playing my game! I'm happy that you enjoyed it :)

Thanks so much!

I'm glad that you enjoyed the game :D

I'm so happy that made you laugh :D

Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate!!

Thanks for the feedback! It's my first game ever published so it means a lot to me have good tips ;)

Wow, a very good game!! It was funny to play, well developed, good plot, different level concepts...
I've enjoyed it!!