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Hey everyone!

I'm Francesco, 26, and I'm a Junior Developer during the day and a solo Game Developer in the night!
I'm from Italy and, you know, there aren't many events like GDC here and a journey to San Francisco it's pretty hard to afford so, here I am for #notGDC .
I develop small games since I was 15 but only during the last year I decided to work on a bigger project that has been released right here on in December: Amber County

Amber County is a narrative experience that tries to "evoke" the moods and the gameplay of the old Point and Click games and then mixing them with the new First Person Adventures mechanics. The story is inspired by many different movies, games and series like Twin Peaks, Alan Wake, Inception and Donnie Darko (yes, a lot of "insiprations").

As a solo Game Developer, I can surely say that it's been hard: the first release of the game had some issues but I kept on working, fixed a lot of bugs, improved the english translations and finally the game got good feedbacks from the players, it has been featured by Epic Games and gave me the opportunity to show my work so... thanks!!

Mi dispiace ma non è prevista una traduzione italiana del gioco, per ora.

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Hi, all!

I'm Francesco, an italian indie developer actually working on a game series named: Amber County. This is an hybrid adventure  that mixes puzzles and narrative just like the old Point and Click games do.

Yesterday, I've released the first chapter of the game that tells the first part of the mysterious journey of Steven O'Hara, the blind detective that solves cases using his "dreams". A recurring nightmare will force him to take some holidays in the "fancy" Amber County where he will be involved in something  far greater than himself.

You can find the game here. I hope you'll like it!