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Al pelo hahah

Hey, sorry for that :(
It also looks broken on fullscreen?
In that case, can you tell us your monitor resolution?

Woah, that's impressive! Good job!

lot of pentakills lol

Amazing game, the art was incredible and I really liked the concept! Good job!

We added you to the leaderboard btw hehe

Hey, we added you to the leaderboard! :P

Hey, we added you to the leaderboard! Congrats Sensei!

Aww <3

lessss goo

nope, i think the game would crash, didn't code that possibility lol

Will anyone be able to beat the current high-score, becoming the ultimate sensei?  👀 

Quintuple is possible, but I think with 6 it could crash or smth since we didn't though it was possible lol

Thanks for the feedbacks, very useful!

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We have a new champion! Congrats, Sensei!

I liked the concept a lot, but I feel controls are very difficult

I think by improving the controls the game can become 10x better, I'd like to try for sure a different keys version :)

Very creative game, it was really unique! Good job!

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Wanted to create a similar one at some point, I'm glad some one else did it so well!

Good job guys, very polished and fun game

Had a good laugh playing this haha thank u!

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Very well executed! Cool idea!

The "other realm" thing cracked me up hahah

Fun game and cool concept!

I would have preferred a little more anticipation about the hand squeezing you. The phone ringing worked well tho

Very polished and fun game! The level with the interlocking blocks was the most challenging!

Nice work, I liked it!

The concept it's really good, but the game feels a bit too much rng, I tried 10+ but i couldn't win :')

Also, very nice presentation

Very original! One of the most creative I played for sure.

Nerds are very though lol

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I lasted 2:18, is good? haha

Was fun, at some point there was so many bullets that I went turtle mode shielding in a corner lol

First time I just demolished both cars and bugs ahaha

Playing it correctly is challenging and fun, good job!

Deja Vu music would have been perfect for this lol

Clean execution with good polish of a simple, but effective concept! Good job, it was fun!





I'm sorry big boss :(

Ragdoll was really cool haha, good job!

Got a bug on lv 1, the gunner got stuck :(

However it was really fun to play as the bullet! Nice work!

I think it was really creative, never thought of playing as the inventory :)

However I found it a bit slow, I would have liked it better if I had continually had things to pass to the adventurer quickly.

I think a faster pacing would benefit it a lot, would totally retry a faster version

3508 is good? haha it reminded me the fight with Undyne in Undertale :]

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It's tricky to find which camera you need, I found the game quite difficult but also interesting! Cool concept :)

I would like an highscore or a timer to know how many seconds I lasted! Anyway it was simple but effective :)

The heavy enemy spaceship was MVP for me :D

Amazing game, it really feels like iterating on a game, congrats :)

Played for a bit, was super fun! Keep up the good work!

Thank you very much for your detailed feedback Claud <3

Lago Maggiore nel nord Italia :)

Grazie mille! Siamo felicissimi sia piaciuto <3

Graaaazie TwT