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Thank you very much! I always tend towards trying to make a game easier rather than harder for jam games. I've accidentally made a few unplayable monstrosities in the past, haha.

Hope you enjoyed :)

Yeah, for some reason the window opens, flashes some text, and then immediately closes. It seems like others have gotten it to run, so I'm thinking it may be something about my computer not playing nice...

Thank you! Yeah, I wish I had more time to design some more challenges around the sword bounce, but I was a little bit afraid to make the platforming too hard.

I definitely plan to flesh out the combat a bit more post jam. Thanks for playing!

Thank you! Yeah, the rift thing is a known bug, it's already fixed in my post jam version :).

I totally agree about the damage! The spike thing is already on my radar, for some odd reason it works as intended in the downloadable version, but works like you saw it in the html version... Adding knock back to the enemies is a great idea!

Thanks again for playing and giving feedback!

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Nice! I totally missed the phone directory change. And for some reason I interpreted the exclamation mark as a 0 as in "naught point five". Idk why my brain is the way it is...

Super cool game. I'm really glad I came back and finished it!

p.s. I'll let you know if I experience any side effects :)

It's pretty impressive that you managed to get a 2 player mode, and controller support in!

I think the game could use a little more feedback when you attack enemies. It's pretty hard to tell when you're doing damage. And maybe a slightly more controlled jump would allow you to dodge enemy bullets better.

I think with a bit of tweaking this game could be quite fun!

Pretty fun. It kinda reminded me of some oldschool snes games. Nice job!

Looks pretty cool. Sadly, I couldn't get the game to run...

This is a cool idea for a game! It took me a while to figure out the controls, but once I knew how to play I had fun.

This is a pretty cool entry, I took me a while to figure out how to control the ship, but it was pretty fun once I started to get the hang of it.

Haha, I played for quite a while, but made embarrassingly little progress. I got as far as revealing the safe, and mixing wine and mushroom in the sink. After that I couldn't seem to find the path forward. I have a feeling I was overlooking something simple...

Really cool! I'm unfortunately very bad at point and click games, so I wasn't able to make a whole lot of progress, but the stuff I saw was great! This is an excellent game for your first game jam!

Interesting idea for a jam project. I'm not too familiar with horse racing/betting, but it was pretty cool once I got my head around it.

This is an extremely well done entry! Really nice work!

This is a pretty cool entry! I did find it a bit hard to defeat enemies without taking damage, but that's probably due to my unfamiliarity with the genre. Regardless, I found it very fun! Nice job :)

Cool little game! I thought it was a pretty interesting premise once I figured out how to play it. Nice job!

Theoretically you should never need the high jump, but it does help in a pinch. My intention was to write a shader that let you see platforms through the lava, but it was one of the many things I never got around to...

Thank you for playing!

Very cool! I loved both the art and music. If it was a game, I would totally play it. Nice work!

Wow, thank you for the in depth writeup! We had a weird issue with hitboxes in our html version, so the spikes and destructible blocks had bigger hitboxes than expected. They work better in the downloadable version, I'm not 100% sure why...

As far as the skills go, you do unlock one after every level. you can choose which one to use with the select button, and you can use it by pressing up+attack. Unfortunately, I ran out of development time, so I never got around to teaching the player all of the mechanics. One of the abilities helps you get past destructible blocks :)

The password system does function in the downloadable version, but in the web version the "accept" button double triggers, so it goes to the password page, then it accepts a password of all zeroes with one keypress.

I'll look into the game widow sizing, I neglected to setup the linux configuration during the jam, but it should be a simple fix!

Thanks so much for playing, and leaving such useful feedback! We'll be posting a bunch of fixes post jam :)

Yeah, I think you're right! My shift key is right above my up arrow, and I think I must have pressed them both while I was trying to jump. It's definitely tough to make a control scheme work with only a few buttons, but I think the main reason I had trouble is because I was using a compact keyboard.

As others have said, the shoot mechanic didn't work for me. I really loved the aesthetics though! The game looks great, and really evokes the feelings of classic games. Nice job, I would love to play a fixed version :)

This is a really good submission! It had a really engaging gameplay loop, good art, good music, and tons of polish. Nice job!

I had a bit of trouble figuring this one out. I think there are some cool ideas here, but a little polish would go a long way. I did enjoy the art though, good job :)

This was a cute game. It would be nice to see a little bit more to the story since it's a pretty dialogue heavy game, but I like where you're going with it :)

It took me a couple attempts to figure out what I was doing, but I think its a pretty cool idea. You have to understand your options before committing to the moves you choose. Good job on your first jam :)

Cool idea for a game! I found it a bit difficult to aim at enemies while in the air due to the speed of the jumps. Also for some reason the jump button stopped working after awhile... I think this would be really fun with a little bit of tweaking. Nice work!

This was a very engaging little experience! It did take me a bit to understand how the lava flow worked, so some levels were a little bit of trial and error for me. I definitely started getting it toward the end though! Really cool concept, nice job!

This game is really cool! It can be unforgiving at times, but I feel like that perfectly encapsulates the genre haha, good work!

This game did a good job of emulating the feel of a classic game! I do feel like the wall jumps were a little bit hard to control sometimes, but it was very fun to play overall. Nice job!

This was a cool game, and pretty ambitious for a game jam! Nice job :)

I really enjoy this type of platformer, and the player control felt pretty good. My only minor nitpick is I wish I could rebind my controls, but that's only because my arrow keys suck lol. Nice job :)

Thank you, we tried to introduce some variety into the worlds! I definitely think we could have differentiated the spikes a little better, thanks for the feedback!

This was a cute and relaxing game! I really liked the environments, nice work!

This is a cool entry! I managed to find everything except one black pixel and one yellow pixel, but I got wedged in a wall that wasn't quite solid. A few collision bugs aside, it was a pretty fun play through :)

Ah! That's definitely what happened! Thanks for making it, I had a blast!

I'm a big fan of hard platforming, and this game was right up my alley! I found a secret room with really tight spike jumps, but I wasn't good enough to complete it. I may have to come back and try again later :) nice job!

I kinda felt like the story was building up to something right when it ended. Regardless, I found it pretty engaging! I would love to see a longer version :) nice job!

it took me a moment to understand the gameplay, but once I figured it out, I found it hard to put down. Nice work!

Simple but fun! The later level seem impossible in the given time, but it could also be a skill issue. Nice entry!

This is a really great submission, beautiful, polished, and fun! Excellent job!