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Thanks for the idea, I hadn't thought of forcing software rendering, in my case on Linux, it works if I run it from a terminal like this:

Thank you for allowing free downloads, I'm exited to try this whenever I can get it running. I'm on Linux and it shows a fatal error that says: "Shader compilation failed" on startup, the console only prints "open: No such file or directory" before the error. I'm currently on an old laptop that only supports opengl 2.1, that might be why it doesn't work. I'll have a new one in a few months in any case.

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I didn't own much on itch, but recently I bought the bundle for racial justice and I've found that it's really hard to look for the things I'm interested in, I'd like to at least be able filter results by tag in the bundle or my library, but I haven't found a way to do that. In bundles you only seem to be able to filter items by name and my library doesn't seem to have any way to filter things other than collections.

I also can't go to browse and only show games in my library.

It should work after you click on setup autotile, so long as the autotile script is set, I use it myself so it definitely works. By default the autotile script should be the one at res://addons/fabianlc_gpu_tilemap/autotile scripts/, if the autotile script property of the gputilemap node doesn't have anything for some reason it can't work, if you really think there's something broken you can open an issue on github and send a project where you can reproduce the issue.

Maybe try the latest release from github and check the wiki if you haven't done that yet.

This tool is very cool, it would be nice to have it available for blender 2.8

never mind it works now, I'm not sure what I did wrong before

It works on wine for me(I'm using wine 4.0) but it doesn't have sound and movies don't work , with your method I don't see the game for some reason, just this 

I can't figure out why, but the game only works out of focus, at the moment I focus the window it freezes, even alt+f4 waits for the game to go out of focus before closing it

there's a surprise prize iirc

Pues the deseo buena suerte desde chile :D, no estoy seguro de hacer equipo porque nunca lo he hecho.

I love the idea , it has always intrigued me how games were made in asm for the nes, having that here would be simply awesome.

This game is so much fun, so sad the game's so short I wanted more, but that's also a reason to play again :D