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Thankyou I appreciate it :)

Hey everyone! Just released my retro arcade / RPG hybrid Frog Souls.  It features simple controls, rogue-lite style upgrades and an unfolding story. 

Frog Souls

It's inspired by Dark Souls, not so much for the gameplay but more the  ambient characteristics. There's strange encounters, enemy attack patterns to remember, that feeling of dread going up against a challenging boss or enemy before mastering the fight and overcoming it. Right from the get go things will seem strange, and the story will reveal itself in a subtle way, wherein the player will need to explore to find more answers. I've had friends playing it on iOS for weeks thinking they had seen everything only to later find a whole new hidden area, boss, power-ups or abilities. The video on the page gives a peek at alot more of the content.

Here's a review from 148apps for the iOS version !

Featuring (taken from the page)
- Hours of varying gameplay and secrets
- Cool hats, weapons, and random powerups! Every run will be different
- Die / retry! Keep your powerups and items when you die as long as you have a life left
- 33 unique enemies, 4 story bosses and 4 hidden bosses, memorize all the attacks to survive
- Side Quests, secrets, rare items - Discover an infinite hunting portal
- Original soundtrack and SFX
- Equip rings to change gameplay, unlock new areas and abilities...
- Find friends to fight alongside you

Sorry for the big gifs!  The game page has a video and more information :) Hope you enjoy, all comments and feedback are welcome.