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Thanks for all the comments everyone! I'm gonna remake the game soon, taking all this feedback in mind and fixing the invisible walls.

Thanks! I really cant thank everyone enough for all the positivity i got in these comments.

Also on the thing about walking in a straight line, i think its because the movement script doesnt like having a 0 as your end position, and moving the entire map somewhere else would have probably solved it (as long as it was moved an even amount)

Hey thanks for the encouragement! Sadly i dont know if i can fix it since its a problem with the build/my OS rather than the game itself


i think i just added it in as a placebo effect like spamming B to make your pokemon evolve faster in 3rd gen games :p

I really liked the u/p mechanic! It was a bit buggy at times and skipped two levels at once but besides that it was a good game, i loved the art!

i really like this game

that was a planned feature but i was unable to figure out how to sync up the main menu explosion to it, also it was very inspired by fruit ninja!

cool game! was missing some sound effects though


this game is really cool! i made it to around 200 meters

thats all i joined in like 2019 probably

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The game is a fast paced bullet hell with a high emphasis on weapon switching and dodging, where you punch and stab demons.

It may be some people marketing their games more than others, the next jam will allow submitters only to vote to see how it goes.

as long as you are not infringing the copyright its ok

and a rework of RaLP of course


introduce yourself here

I sadly didnt get to try out any other submissions but i gotta say im really impressed, you made a random number generator in power point and a memory game! I also love your icons and the use of the theme. Looking forward for your next game!

Theres a bug breaking my game, i needed to make an unnoficial patch for it here

a bug makes it unplayable

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There were 3 puzzle levels but due to a bug in the hyperlink the game got shorter,  thanks for reminding me of the bug and i hope you enjoy next episode! Also thanks for the advice on embedding fonts. Check out the unnoficial patch

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i accidentally removed it, next update ill add the credit back. Also thanks for saying its a masterpiece! This one was kinda rushed and i focused more on the level creation kit, next episode will be better. Check out the unnoficial patch

it took me a long time and i had to rush it at the end, its short but more chapters are going to come out after this.

Hope you enjoy!

I may review this after i finish my game. It looks great!

im stuck on making the second level because intuitive design is bloody hard

Thanks for reviewing! If you liked it you should try my upcoming game MaRWID - Droid assembly line

This is looking good! Im looking forward to its release

since when am i a host?


The undertale fight was not random, you get 2 options on that scene where you can attack or use dialogue, the hyperlinks where fixed, and the black bars are just a powerpoint problem i cant fix.

Loved the game, its a punishing game thought. With just 3 lives i couldnt even go throught the first level.

3/5 Game design

4/5 Graphics

1/5 story

1/5 comedy

4/5 Use of theme

Maybe after the game jam you can make a spin off, but take into account that more updates are comming

I dont know what meme references you talk about, but i think you should skip the main storyline and wait for the next update that includes an alternative storyline meant to be less cringy and more consistent.