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The deadline ended while I was trying to submit :/


I am watching The Stream by do not have an account so I cannot chat through this stream also my Wi-Fi is very bad

what is play 4 play?


thank you

Honestly I do not know if the ability to jump on air is intentional but I enjoyed every bit of it :)

You do not need to send any highlights to me....

ummm  game?  XD  IDK 

umm... ok :)

thank you

I really like this game. I think it is a very good game!

ok :)

This is a good game with extremely good visuals especially for scratch

Thank you

Well for now I'm going to try Unity because I already just downloaded it on my computer.

thank you

This is a unique game with a unique approach to the theme I like it
The visuals are also good for a scratch game

Thank you and I am glad that you enjoyed it :)

try to reload the game

This will happen every now and then when the game freezes but a part of the player code does not

ok :]  If you press the download button it will bring you to a page where I will constantly be trying to improve this  every now and then I will up date the page :]

o....  Then I shall learn unity.

 Also that I do know the main language of unity is C #

The reason I used to scratch is because the only other coding language I am good at is C ++ and I do not know any game engines that mainly use C ++ except for my own really really really bad 2d game engine I made in a compiler

ok :)

Wow this is a really good game

Is there a way to embed my scratch project instead of it being something that says download that's actually a link?

This is a very good game


Okay, thank you for liking the game :)


I submitted my game... I have zero idea if I did it correct I've never done this before :/


How do you change the position of the character or sprites by using code in Bitsy


In the Bitsy game maker how do I set the position of the character

ok I am a very beginner..


Are we able to enter multiple games into the jam?

What do you recommend to make the game with when making a game for this jam

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what do you recommend to make a game, when making  a game for the jam?