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Thank you for the nice post! We are currently only in Alpha and we aren't sure we are ready for something like this yet.

I have everything working now which is awesome thanks for the great asset. 

I do have a question for you. How can I make a tile walk on top and walk underneath at the same time? Do you have an example of this anywhere?

Was able to fix the issue.

I can show you video but I cannot send you my project. It is massive and a lot of content in it. It is nearly completed I just decided to upgrade to supertiled2unity instead of tiled2unity which had no issues. 

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It’s the only way the colliders will show properly for me inside of unity after importing them. Unless I am doing something wrong. 


Fixing the PPU has fixed the scaling issue, however I am now having collider issues with the maps. After importing the maps I have to go back to the map and set the Edges Per Ellipse to 0 and apply it before it sets the colliders correctly. After doing so the EPE sets back to 6. Is there a way to resolve this issue so that I do not have to change the setting and apply it on each map after importing? 


With my current setup I have a rather large map that is chunked out so that it only loads when you are near them. With the issues I am having above I cannot use this setup because of the issues with the colliders. I need this system so my game is playable via mobile devices.

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First off thank you very much for this amazing tool! I am having issues though,Top is old tiled2unity import bottom is SuperTiled2Unity. Why is there such a dramatic size difference between the two of them? Also do you have update documentation because the one on the site isn't very helpful.

When I set it to the same Pixels Per Unit as Tiled2Unity the size is the same however the level is separating all of the parts by a lot.

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Trulion Online is a top down 2D Online Adventure RPG being developed for PC, Android, and iOS. The continent of Yartoria is in a crisis as the three major world powers struggle for influence over this once peaceful land. 

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