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That's very cool! If I ever get around to doing a print run I'll update the PDF to add this link too. Thanks!

Sorry Rob, the people have spoken.

Hi Ella! Totally okay, and please shoot me a message when yours is published so I can grab it :)

That's always a better approach. I've changed my product page as a hot fix but I'm looking forward to seeing what you and Matt come up with. 

Just throwing an idea out there - the answer might be as simple as a content warning for gaslighting, on the product page and prominently in each game. That way no secrets are spoiled, but also people have the option of not participating if that is not something they're ok with. 

I'm offering online alternatives for the die, the cards, and the tower in my submission, and this was the tower alternative I went for. It's not perfect at all - the physics make the tower likely to fall very quickly, compared to a physical one - but I figure any (free) digital option is better than none! 

Wow, thank you!