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Have fun collecting the Gems :)

You are getting to a point in the game that I haven't balanced out enough, and there may be some Towers that do not work so let me know if something crashes the game!

Thank you for playing! I have some plans for putting in some bosses, but I was thinking about making a snail or slug for the first boss, maybe a frog. Also, the snake and bird bosses are great ideas!

This game is amazing! Also, the fact that you are doing this on your own is mind-blowing. You are very skilled.

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Thank you for playing! The music is from a humble bundle, but I made most of the other sound effects. The blurry background may be because of the smoothing option I have set on by default. I couldn't decide if I wanted the smoothing on or off, so there is an option to turn it off.

I was thinking of adding one more speed option between the two I have now. The flag was supposed to be a subtle indication of where the enemies are headed, but I didn't mention that in the tutorial, I will add this in the next update.

I am still tinkering with the way the bugs work, but I will have them move the same speed in the next update. Not sure if that was what made them look so different.

Glad you had fun and thanks for taking the time to write this.

I've updated the game to have a shovel that can destroy towers that have not been upgraded.

Also, I updated a bunch more stuff but don't take my work, check it out for yourself.

Hello! I could use some much appreciated feedback on my game. It is my first release and I was hoping someone had time to play it and actually write a little review. Anything helps!

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Hello all, I'm exline and this is Bug Defence Tower. I have been working on this for too long without sharing it, so here it is.

I am still working on it, so many things could change. If I think is is worth my time I will get it on Steam and hopefully on the Switch someday!

The gameplay is basic tower defence.. but with bugs! I have a little tutorial to help you if need to play it. All towers except the ant are locked and must be purchased with coins earned in game. Some towers have been changed since the video as I have been updating almost daily since I made my page. Hope someone has fun, and please let me know! 

I'm happy you feel that way!