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Really interesting game. Anxiety is pretty well described through the dialogues and the scenes. It was pretty moving : it makes you think.

Thank you for playing and for featuring us in your video !

A really cute and fun game :)

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I've rated most of the games, really great jam overall !

Really funny and silly game. A creative idea, the nonsensical side makes it so fun :)

10/10 sound effects !

I really like the art and environment. Even if there's not much gameplay per se, that's a good start and you can surely build a great game out of this ! Keep it up :)

Really cool narrative game, it gave me a Journey vibe.  Art is great, and the atmosphere is really calm and soothing. I loved it !

Really fun game ! It's smooth, fast-paced, and challenging. Music and art are great :)

I love the artstyle ! Gameplay is cool, I had a really fun time :)

Well executed and original puzzle mechanics ! I really liked your game :)

Game is clear and fun. There's replay value, and mechanics are great :)

Nice concept ! Smooth and fun, and the visuals are great :)

Nice game ! Good core loop and music. Easy to play, and fun :)

Simple and really well done mechanics. Gorgeous artstyle :)

A cute and creative take on the theme. Gameplay is smooth and fun. Easy to play, hard to master !

Thank you for playing, and thank you for your feedback. 

We understand that the ergonomy and the game design are a bit ambiguous. 
To be honest, I mismanaged time and aimed too high : we ended up rushing for the time left and couldn't test and polish the game properly.

To answer your last question, the final game is a game where to fastest to attack wins :)

Thank you for playing ! We highly appreciate that you shared your experience and gave feedback :)

Thank you for playing and reviewing our game ! We had a lot of mini-games ideas and even some were prototyped, but we were lacking time, so we cut down to 3.

Thank you for playing !

Really fun and entertaining game ! I scored 1107.

Thank you for playing ! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Thank you for playing :)

I really enjoyed your game. The ambiance carried by the music is really relaxing. It was cool to wander around. The 3d models are really nice.

Overall, a really well polished and relaxing game.

It was really fun, I laughed a lot. Quick, simple, straightforward and historically accurate !

Really fun mini-games ! Adding one more dancing soldier on the "you lost" screen everytime I lost made me laugh. Overall a really well-made and enjoyable game !

Thanks for sharing your experience :) And thank you for playing ! 

Thank you for playing !

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Sorry, that's really weird, I'll look into that. I didn't experienced that problem.

Thanks for playing :)

Hey, cool game :) I had some difficulty to properly land (but I think I'm just bad at it haha). Anyway it's a good concept because I replayed it several times trying to get better !

Really neat game :) I enjoyed it. The pixel art and level design are great.

The aesthetics and gameplay are really good :) I enjoyed it a lot !

Your animations are really good :) Gameplay is fun and smooth, music is great, you made something awesome out of the theme !

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Thank you for playing :)

I totally understand that the lack of sprites is problematic. Before starting the project I had to choose between focusing on a graphically polished game or more of a technical prototype. Without my drawing tablet and lacking practice, I didn't want to spend a lot of time on the drawings.

Thank you for playing ! I'm glad you enjoyed it

This game's hard but really fun. Cute characters, and the gameplay as simple as it is is really enjoyable. Smart twist on this week's theme !

That's really impressive and interesting ! Congrats for making that in only 2 hours :)

Controls are reactive, dashing feels good.

Mindlessly killing humans is fun and you got a solid and well executed core gameplay loop, and having different types of prey is nice.
Like LordL75 said, I would have loved to have a constraint such as a timer. Otherwise, it's really good. Keep it up :)

Thank you very much for playing :)

I noticed that bug with the transformation in my last batch of tests, but I couldn't figure out exactly where it went wrong in my code :( Anyway, I'll try to fix that asap.

Thank you again for playing !