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Glad you liked it :) However I'm not planning to make my game mobile.

Thanks... and yes, I will work on this project after the jam. :)

Thanks :)

I think it's really good for the first time :)

Loved to take path with coins instead of rescuing someone. Overall really good.

Reverse pacman :D

Isn't that last room a bit overkill? :D Managed to survive with 2hp and around 600 coins.

Thanks! And nope, I did not create music (I'm bad at that :)), but I'm pretty satisfied with tracks I've found. 

Looks... interesting :D

Currently, I have lack of motivation for my project, so it's nice to see someone's work (even if I got no idea what this screenshot shows xD).

Great, thanks for answer!

Hi. So, I've never taken part in any jam and I got one quick question. Can I upload my game to other sites (for example: after finishing the jam?