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When I'm bulk generating keys, users/downloaders of those keys seem to be forced to claim that key and link it to their account first, they can't just download? Is that right? Seems really awkward if I want to provide a streamlined access to download those keys and my game for press.

The single key generation process, however, is fine. People can just download their key without linking to an account if they want.



I'm looking to do the whole 'only X number of buyers for early testing' thing. I'd like to see an example page if possible, if someone (or itch) has one setup? I'm unsure if I've set things up properly.

It just seems confusing right now as I have a 'Purchase/Buy Now' button for $XX, then under it, 'Exclusive Content' and another pay $XX button. I'd think it'd be much cleaner if there was just the one buy now button, which explained that there is only a limited quantity.

I think the Exclusive Reward thing itself is a little odd (in respect to offering limited keys). It doesn't really explain what people are getting. They aren't getting a reward for buying the game, they're getting the game itself, albeit one that's limited in quantity.

If possible, I'd have no 'Purchase'/buy button first, but only something like:

Limited Release First Access

Buy Now ($XX) Only N remaining.