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Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Unfortunately life got in the way of the sequel, so I'm not sure when I'll be able to get back to finishing it - but I'm still hopeful that'll happen :)

That's awesome, thank you so much for playing and streaming it! Glad you enjoyed :D

Thanks for the feedback,

That's part of the main puzzle of the game - the machine in the centre of the adjacent room - and as such it's intended to be hard.

I haven't heard reports of the puzzle not working yet, so you might be following one of my false leads :) If you find yourself absolutely stuck you can always check YouTube for walkthroughs, there's quite a bit of them.

As a puzzle game I'm perfectly happy with people spending "long time" on it, as that's what a puzzle is!


Thanks for your comment!

Room 6 is hidden, and can only be accessed by doing specific things :)

Re the bug: That is weird, but I'll definitely take a look. After you left the room once you should be able to rotate (buttons or swipe) if you come back.

Lever room: The two different hints is simply due to it being random, so you get a different answer each time you start the game! Trying not to give too much, I can say that each hint gives you a number which you can then use to figure out the answer!

Again thanks for your comment, and thanks for playing!

Hi, thanks for the message!

To answer your questions:

1) Yes, there is.

2) See 1 :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to do a Let's Play, glad you enjoyed the game! :D

Thank you! Currently the FIN is the last room. The "?..." is there as an opening for me to continue to chapter two, however I'm really unsure when I'll make it.

Thank you so much! :D

Thanks for letting me know! I've uploaded a portable version, hopefully it'll work for him :)

LOL thanks for that :D

Awesome! Cheers mate, looking forward to seeing the video and hopefully whatever comes next from me lives up to this!

Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

That hint is picked randomly from a set of a few, but I get the issue and I struggled with what to do about it for a while tbh. My main concern with moving it (to be above the colours door, for example) is that it would make it a bit too obvious imo. Since this is such a small game I tried to obscure the hints a bit!

The entire game is in Unity, with some models done in Magica Voxel.

Thank you so much! I actually used two different methods:

  1. Unity cubes for texts - simply constructing the text from cubes and then animating them using my own script
  2. PicaVoxel - it's a nice little plugin that allows you to create animations and other nice voxel things!

Haha oh wow, that's interesting! Unfortunately as every puzzle is quite unique, it probably means exposing some scripting language to an editor. To be honest as this is a free game, and it was meant primarily as my foyer into game development, I wouldn't want to invest that much time into a "puzzle editor".

Thanks! I wish there were more levels as well :)

Yeah now that everything's in place, once I have an understanding of the puzzle I want to create it's not too much work. It's just creating enough puzzles that make sense and bringing them all together!

I've just uploaded a new version which should include a new Colour Blind button for this puzzle. Hope that helps :)


Thanks so much! That's great to hear, and good luck in yours as well!

Yeah the assets are part MagicaVoxel, part PicaVoxel and part lots-of-cubes-in-unity :)

Oh no! Did you get the hint and know which colours to choose, you just can't get them?

Hmm... Is there anything I can do with the colours to alleviate this issue? To somehow distinguish them more from one another?

That's a bit of a hidden room, and you have to do certain things to get it :)

(1 edit)

Haha thank you very much for the video! Was fun to watch, and your feedback does matter - as this is my first game I try to take in any and all feedback, and will probably put it to good use in chapter 2. Unfortunately as there are SO many people it's hard to strike a balance, and eventually some people will find it too easy and some too hard!

I hope you had more fun than frustration though :)

There's nothing after level 10 - at the moment! The messages are just references to the games these paintings are of, and the ! to ?... is me hoping I'll get to do chapter 2 :)

Thanks! The fourth painting is Kyrandia.

I actually thought people wouldn't recognise The Dig, it wasn't well-known when I was growing up.


There's indeed an Android version as well and I agree, it works well on it due to its simple mechanics.

Thanks for the heads up about the permissions on Mac, I'll see if I can't bake that into my build process.

Hi Manu!

I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thank you very much for the feedback! As this is my first game all feedback is greatly appreciated.

Are you referring to the levers room? If so - there's actually a hit for the solution in the room itself! One way of solving it is, as you did, actually "calculating" which levers you'll have to have on; but you can also follow the hint in the room. It's a bit more hidden than other hints, but it's there :)

Thanks again!



I actually started with Left,Down,Right since that made sense to me. However having played it a bit those keys felt too close together, only really allowing to play it with one hand.

Spreading them out like this allows you to play with both hands, and roughly as it is on a real drum set.

I guess it depends on each person's coordination and fingers size, some completely fine with doing all three with one hand on the arrows and some preferring to spread out. On a real game a keyboard mapping would solve this :D

Come to think of it, I might just add multiple mapping. No reason not to!