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Thanks for playing, I didn't realise how bad it was - guess I just got used to it!

Yes that makes sense, that's definitely an area of improvement. Thanks!

The crafting mechanic was the crafting station in the space base. Press E to use it when you go near it. It's still pretty rubbish though.

Fixed! Game's still terrible though lol

These are great. Would love to see some Xbox ones!

Yeah, if you look at the top of the description you can see I'm having issues :( trying to fix it now.

Ah, I see the problem. Perhaps it should be that stars each have a specified threshold, for example:
5 stars = less than or equal to 3 hours
4 stars = less than or equal to 3h10m
1 star = over 3h30m
What do you think? This would have to be made clear somewhere in an always-viewed section of the jam so people actually follow it!

But in any case I have changed my mine such that I think the new rating system for it should stay, because it is more important to learn as a developer than to receive an accurate reward for only 3 hours of effort.

I think that may be the best option. Is there another way to measure this? How were you doing this before?

On my game, Bonkers Bolts (, someone did not vote 5 stars on the "made in 3 hours category", and so my score is lower than it should be. Can this be fixed?

Thank you (for the follow as well)!

Interesting concept, but I had a bug where the cloud kept going right. Maybe something is wrong with the input code? There might need to be an X-position limit as well for it.

Haha, thanks :)

Thank you!

Thanks! I sure will add more.

Haha cheers!

Thanks! It's simply random every time - nothing fancy going on. Congratulations on winning, I'm finding it more challenging than yesterday!

I like the controls, but the perspective is quite hard to understand sometimes, especially because you are bigger than the healthy cells (is that right?). It is hard to align yourself, and I find often that the healthy cells have already passed me when they don't really look like they have.


Unity - look at the initial loading screen.

Thanks! Pro tip: you can double jump :)


Yes that's interesting - I haven't had time to implement any of the actual theme. I like that idea though.

Thank you very much!

Very fun, has a great atmosphere! I don't usually like horror games but this one is great I think due to its simplicity. Great!


Thank you very much! Means a lot.

Haha thanks very much! :D


That's a great idea - thanks again for playing!

I agree - some more atmosphere would be nice. There is no speed increasing currently going on, but that's a really nice idea! Thanks for playing :)

Thank you. I hope you will.

Thanks! I like the idea of the clicker, I'll give it a shot at some point.

Yes, thank you, you articulated my numerous whims of improvement perfectly.  I will probably expand onto this game one day, or just make another one. I was thinking of perhaps the chimneys breaking or the workers striking - I think that would work quite well. Thanks again for playing!

I hope to be there! See you then.

Oh dear, ahaha! I just watched that on the stream VOD... I even tested trying to jump over that but didn't check when I added the new guy there. Thanks for reviewing it - was a fun experience since I've never done anything like this before!

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AHEM... lol

The 'how to play' button is in the bottom-left of the main menu, but for my next game I will certainly add options to change the control scheme and make it easier to exit mid-game. Thank you for playing!

Thanks, I'm glad you think it's nice.