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I might have to take A4C offline in the coming months. Seems these outages have become more frequent. Our host has been wonderful for several years, but the software just might be peaking at the state where it was last updated.

Yes! Love the idea of an interactive battle system!

Really good -- in two minutes, wow!

Harmonic Odyssey: The Five Gods


In a post-apocalyptic future, monsters abound, loud music is law, and chaos reigns. Four anti-heroines are tasked with returning order to a devastated world and restoring the five harmonies. But first, they must go through the Gods which protect them...

EVOLV Games presents HARMONIC ODYSSEY, an experience that's one part RPG, one part heavy metal choose your own adventure story, and eleven parts badass! Demo available now! In development for mobile, web, Windows, Mac!



Nice little switches you have there! This is a fun asset pack with limitless potential. 

Love the design elements and the game in general is so fluid. Superb work!

This... this seems magical!

Nice! We're in the Summer Novel Festival Jam together, and I was intrigued by your synopsis. The game is definitely book-worthy, but not too wordy for a choose-your-own-adventure. I really liked the plot and the writing was well done. The quirky art added to the story (please add more if you can!) 

Loooking forward to updates! I really like where this is going!

Thank you! The video that we just released on our dev log will soon have an accompanying commentary by myself to explain some of the process in creating the game, as well as a look at a few things to come. Appreciate the support!

Thank you so much for playing and reviewing. We're working to take Harmonic into the next chapters and will have more, soon!

Obviously, we'd credit you, of course!

Sounds great! We'll be needing some of this, so if you have explored our game and would like to contribute something that would be a fit, pro bono, please do!

Thanks, Paul! We'll let you know if we move into a profitable state. Right now we're more or less a hobby company, and it's important to pay musicians a fair rate for your services... when we can, we will!

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We have switched over to the latest version of the Intersect Engine! A bigger update is forthcoming, but for now, please try re-downloading the game as it is running on its best core, yet! And let us know about any errors you find!

This game looks beautiful! Nice work!

Today, we did some work on the server and fixed some things on the game launcher's host site that was keeping a few people from being able to load the game.  Give her a go and report bugs if you can.

We're also considering releasing the assets and server for the game, so people can host their own A4Cs and mess around with the game, themselves.

I'm glad! I talked with someone server-side and they think it's a bug on the engine's side. Our engine is in constant development, so in updating, it tends to throw things out of whack. We're gonna try to stabilize this

I actually have been getting the same error. Seems something is running incompatible with the server, which is getting downloaded into content. I'll have our file manager take a look at it. Thanks for the heads up!

Can you send the log to me in a private note? I know the good people at Intersect, as they work on this engine, are always interested in hearing about bugs, and there's a good chance someone else has had this problem.