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Can you send the log to me in a private note? I know the good people at Intersect, as they work on this engine, are always interested in hearing about bugs, and there's a good chance someone else has had this problem.

I can't send you private message on or in Twitter. 0.0


I actually have been getting the same error. Seems something is running incompatible with the server, which is getting downloaded into content. I'll have our file manager take a look at it. Thanks for the heads up!

Thanks for your time and your reply,can't wait that You fix the game so I can finaly play it.Even if I am 24 years old,I still love the Dinosaurs and their story,and this game is realy realy awesome!


I'm glad! I talked with someone server-side and they think it's a bug on the engine's side. Our engine is in constant development, so in updating, it tends to throw things out of whack. We're gonna try to stabilize this

Nice to hear that!!!!