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well, stationmaster is game with great potential, but unfotrunately it is full of bugs and especialy it have stability/graphic related problems (some objects dont show up..etc).

well, i agree that we should have some more extra game after finishing main story (after all, in epilogue it is mentioned you were promoted to mayor of taht vilage or something about that lines) and it allways annoyed me when i walked into mages guild and still sow my title just poor journeyman.

i will love if it gives you just little more options, like extra special slaves just for you, acces to special merchandise at market..etc.

but whole idea about turning it into empire managmenbt game ? well no. what are you basicaly sugetsing is that to degrade MAIN QUEST to just..chapter 1 n many chapers of world conquest...but why ? nowhere in game it want hint that you are power hungry person, well mayby if you sided with tha hayes or how is called that bad guy, it should give some credit but thats all.

well, when we will have more horse races, how about adding horse races ? will love if i should bet 100 gold on my slave pegasus (name) /pegasus (race) that it will win 500 miles of gorn :)

add 69 position for sex positions.

fully agree, but what training for jailer will be ideal ? domina (new, leather underwear included), psychologist, or any other new ?

yeah, since we have fairies, we should have unicorns and pegasuses, but i dont realy need real need for them. do you want to be unicorn ? just put didlo on your forehead..

so, you learned lesson, be good guy, dont sell girls and you will be able to continue :).

another idea, lets add more random traits, like royal blood / famous person..etc - with coresponding events if you capture/save her. like  saving royal blood will give you some nice favor from roayl family...but it will make her extremly popular girls in bordelo.. and coresponding wraith from her family (even if they hated her, it is all about prestige).

or it can be famous bandit leader, martial art master, top noble traveling in disguise....etc. options are limitless.

nice info about that traits on wiki...but it dont give much more info about thier real effects. e,q on that pretty voice - it just list that effect on them need to be confrimed, but yet, it say nothing about which occupations/works they are.

and will REALY love when starting new game, player should give more traits to his slave, than just only one, say max 3 - 2 positive+1 negative, or more negative ones, and to get 2 positive you rely have to select hegative too.

1. fully agree, will love too that mc is actualy doing some real work :) and have some traits, which he can gain and lose. and having to defend own mansion sound extremly interesing..especialy if you defeat and capture robers, see my point 2 :)

2. yeah, thats excelent idea, will love more that mc have to work on himself before he can work on others...and it opens some other he will devolve to dark magic to "steal" knowlenge (aka skill points) from other persons, which will kill them in prosess. so your mansion will be in time known as "hotel californian" - place in which you go in, but will never leave.

3. fully agree with selfcasting on yourself inside mansion, it will save a lot - goiung out and then in.

hahaha, nice example of usless work :))))). hahaha.

it is here any guide where find what is what ?

i mean, it is good that e.q trait pretty voice is giving bonus to vocal tasks...but which ones are they ? same for tanuki kin - racial trait is they give bonus to store tasks..but again which ones are they ?

and list can go on and on. It will be ideal is some king of info/"wiki" pedia will be integrated to game.

jup, aydas neclace need to have tag unique..since is not much point of  having them more , since they are usless, other that quest :)-

and i discovered bug with him, if it happen to have him as loot (funny my first copy was from wolves and not humans, another bug imo too) and you just clock on loot icon, quest will not progres, you actualy need to click on icon of that amulet to advance in quest.

and similiar proble is with that book/brandy - i acidentaly buyed more than just one - and now they are usless in my item..i will just dump them :). they should deserve unique tag too.

and sure, yeah i will love if ayda neclace will be (later?) usable by her. 

and it is similiar with ayneris rapier - will love if it will be usable only by her and not by anyone.

try to update drivers for graphic card, and update all windows drivers, and if you manage it, look if your pc dont have some issues with drivers/hw (yellow triangle), it is burried somewhere...and actualy i have no idea where to look for these windows conflicts for w7/10..i just know they exists, somewhere. realy, realy golden w-xp with thier layout and gui.

well, if you cant train uncivilized person as tame,r then it is surely bug/oversight....because, well, before you posted it, this idea never stiked me, and most likely to programator too.

thats nice to know, but it dont solve problem if i dont exactly know what i have :). like i want to give my girl magical long sword...and yet i dont know what effect it have, or even if own him in first place (it was magic dager and not sword).

and yes, i know, that adding these subcategories will be big coding task (creating icons for them, coding position, adding tags to items..etc), but it wil be good for gameplay and quality of life. mayby task for big update :).

yes, i have latest version 519c.  and started new game in this version in which it happened.

sorry, no save for that  situation. didnt knowed i runed into issue :)

so then problem lies somewhere else, then :)

i only noticed lockups when game tried to proces a lot of datas , like changing picture of slave, othervise not. mayby is problem in some drivers ?

(1 edit)

28 days after what starting point ? recruiting cali ? 28 game time from begining ? or other point ?

edit : well, now checked my game, and im on day 29 of game time, and it is some time that i tried and failed to save calis parents, so there must be different time limit.

how long it usealy takes for tamer to remove uncivilized trait ? And using of regresion poition is very expensive - together with using slavers guild for cure, it have one very positive effect, and that is pliable trait, which gives you random? trait with +25 to some stats...and thats not bad..especialy if you in that trait are over 75, so every point over this and you will get number over 100, normaly unreachable. and i hope this "overflow" is not bug, and they will keep it.

and if posible, expand "basic filters" you have in game for items, i know now we have 4 types - general stuff, poitions, ingredients, wearable...and thats not ideal, especialy if you have more of stuff. i now about existing search mode, but that is not ideal, especialy if you want to compare multiple different items of same type - e.q different weapons or clothes.

will love if under all these 4 main categories there will be small separate subcategories like - essences only, weapons only, clothes only, jeverly only..etc. you got idea.

still, it can fit to game, just think about it as another bridge to build relationship with others, when your relationship is not big enought to have willing sex.

but problem is, if you want to build relationship with others, including only your slaves with other slaves, without any sexual relationship, you have a "small" problem.

wow, her parents can be actualy saved ? i did arived late and asumed you cant svae them, but i was forced to wait since cali was send on training.

interesing idea, but it need some refiment :)

your idea of equal matches (no items) is very interesing, lets call this resticted class, you can win or lose only money here.

then we will have unrestricted class, with eqipent allowed, and you can fight here for bigger money or slaves. and of course, after some wins you can/have to face arena chapion, which will be realy tough :)

And another idea, pls make posible to make sterile males too, not only for womans. it is very simple,  i want to do orgyies with males and femaless...but to be sure that all posible children will be mine, after all, it is me who will pay for raising them, so they should be mine .).

yeah i know, i can use herbal anticonception for males too, but i want someting more reliable, which will not need upkeep.

this trait is gained after i use poition of regression, and i have question - will this trait wear of over time, or it is needed to use services of slavers guild ?

I moved on, it is shame, but it happen. and here comes another idea, you should learn speel resurection for obvious use...or use for that services of some witch/shaman, which unlock after doing some mission for him.

And with this comed my idea which i wanted to polst elsewhere - currenty we have here only child/teen/adult age, and i think it is time to add another one - old. for obvious reason :). and with that can come another sideline plot - you will find old hag, which telly ou that she is cursed beautifull princes and if you fullfil mission for her, you will break curse...and last mission will be of course sex with her...only to discover she lied to you and she is only just genuine old hag, and tricked you to sex and doing jobs for her.

thanks, will try that way in new game (after new version of game :) ), since i convinced here to stay...and ironical is that originaly i intnded to let her go and give some money...but i decided nay..i will miss her.

(3 edits)

and another idea, add new room type "royal chamber"- just 2 on mansion - it will provide best posible luxury (same as your chamber? - it is here best luxury? not sure, since i did have girl in my personal bed...and she complained on lack of luxury) , and best thing - it will be room for 2 persons, so therer will be room for 2 best friends girls, or they will become best friends... it will be good way to solve when girls hate each other...or they will have great argument in one will try to kill another for so many interesing events.

and another - when zou are modifiing slave, which  will take some of his hp..pls give is warning if his health is low and it is chance he will not survive operation...since i forgot to heal low hp slave..only to get him killed by operation, and it was very rare species...and my last save was more than 1 hour ago.

and pls add some items/armors/outfits suitable for males too, especialy for master (player) - since other than luxury pants/undervear he have nothing to wear...and having buttler/maid outfit is not ideal...same for kimono or other girls wardobe.

and just experimenting with pics for game..VERY VERY pls add tags for male/female/futa pics..since it is not realy ideal to see male chars wih female portraits or even bodies.

i purchrased nice boy from slaver marked, and decided to make him girl :), so  firstly in laboratory i added him vagina..and it didnt changed him to futa..but hmm, ok, ok...but even not removing his balls and penis didnt changed him to girls, so here comes "small" problem.

Having boy without balls, penis and with vagina...hmm..ok.

exactly, if all directories for mods - extra pics are directly in game folder, under say mods/  pics portraits/bodys - it will keep issueless tranfer from old version to new version.

well, mayby end credits are meaned what hapened after you ended main story, and then just going regular life, without actualy continuing to play a game.  it may be meaned ...many years after that day.

and when you mentioned this, there is one REALY big bug, and that is, if you decide to sacrisfice maple life to capture end credits you see info that she happily live at slaver guild (and yeah, i purchrased her  before).

what i have to do to be able to recruit tisha ? 

do i need to go emily with her, and will they booth come later ?

what???? i though that when you selling slave all stuff eqiped is automaticaly stiped down..well, that explain why i sometimes miss some gear. pls fix this asap.

oh yea, i now rembered add one more slot at char equiping just for jeverly (rings/amulets), so that we can use traveling bag and jewerly at same time. I know, you can say game balance, i will reply more fun.

lol, lazerus.

i know that i can look at slve-statistic for anything that i want, but this screen is not avaivable when i using anothreen sceer - in this case interaction.

for that log - yeah, i found that icon now, but is "invisible"

for extra pics - well, usualy they are put under original game directory, if they are put under documents forlder somewhere, it is inconvient and sometimes can even cause troubles.

and because i was responding to you , i forgot what idea i wanted to add, lol.

Make text size selectable for info about your girls/boys in right corner and/or make posible text to fill multiple lines, since manytimes it runs out of screen with no idea how long it will be before girl will return to mansion.  or just make more physical space here for that text.

when interaction with girls in base screen (q) - pls sive here some hint that sex is unloked, it will make managing of more chars easier. (just colored letter s will be helpful :) ).

add to this q screen new icon - end turn report (or call it whatever you want), just got one "funny" situation - one girl complaied that she is unhappy with accomodation, and demand personal room...and i forgot her name, and there is no way situation to find which girl it was.

incease number of personal rooms to 15, instead of only 10, it will ease up managing of high lvl "bordelo".

and more chat option with girls , like finding way how to solve if one hate each other..etc.

make posible for bisexual girls to relase thier lust with each other, higher chance if one sleep in private room/your bed than in common rooms.

add some info/folders in which to copy new pic for portraits/bodys .