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We are glad you enjoyed our game :)

Solutions are good when you get stuck and would otherwise quit playing. The linked pentomino solver is perfect for computationally solving the puzzle locks, and you still have to put in a bit of effort.

Your image of the solution for the element locks is a bit „in your face“ and could be tempting to skip this part of the game. I would appreciate if you could please remove the image from your post (after all it‘s the first comment below the download button). If there are more requests for help with this specific riddle, we can give hints specifically tailored to get a nudge in the right direction without giving everything away.

I‘m a bit surprised you didn‘t include a map of some sorts ;) If you made one, feel free to send us a picture of it via mail (address on the game page). We‘ve received a few already and it‘s always cool to see each individual approach to the maze :)

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The right symbol needs to be in the right spot. The order in which you enter the seven stones is not of importance. (clue: symbols above)

The first tree in the game, the one you face initially, acts as a mere starting point. After turning your head, you see more trees, kind of a light forest. These trees have no function besides setting the mood. The tree inside is kind of a methaphoical connection to the outside world, but has no function gameplaywise. But in the same room you can find a rather important item. After that, i can assure you, there will be no more confusing trees ;)

So, If it still matters to you, we just released an updated version of the game in which "your" bugs were fixed :) and some more...

I have to agree, the way the stones behave is not the best possible solution. These annoying little hitches have been there for quite a while and we got pretty used to them (testing your own games makes you blind for the obvious). I'll try to address these issues soonish. Loosing the grip comes from looking around while moving the stone, this should take quite a bit of restructuring. The push problem revolves around the handling of stone collisions and the movement of the player object and should be easier to fix. Thanks for the input!

Meanwhile, please stare manic at the sliding stones while pulling and keep your distance ;)

Thanks for the reply! Since we all are used to quit games via the menu, this issue never came up ;) Quitting this way circumvents saving your most recent progress. We are going to fix the behaviour for alt+F4 and cmd+q and address the issue with the intro section in the next update. Since then, please use the menu to close the game :)

Hi SkyCarger, Thanks for your feedback!

I was not able to reproduce your described bug. Could you please elaborate more on the circumstances and on the resulting error? At which point exactly did you exit the game (during or after searching for the flashlight)? Did you exit the game using the ESC menu or did the game crash? What exactly happened when you tried to start the game afterwards (which point in the startup did you reach, error message)? Maybe you can send us your logfilev via mail (, you can find it under ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log. Thanks in advance.

I hope that you are able to enjoy the game after this hiccup :)

Cool game! The carakters feel alive, the mysterious little world feels larger as explorable. And the soundtrack got stuck in my ears :)

Thanks for the feedback, i just turned it a bit lighter :)

Suuna has had a bad day. First she has problems finding her friend
during a game of Hide and Seek and on top of that she gets trapped in a
vast underground maze with lots of tricky puzzles. Only you can help her
getting out of that misery! Grab yourself a pen and a piece of paper
and start drawing a map of your path through the maze, because there is
none in the game! Or mark the walls with your chalk ...

Fully voiced story in german with subtitles in english and german. Compatible with XBox360 Controllers on Win & Mac.

This game is the result of 10 months work for a course for a university project and has since been updated with several improvements.

download WIN/MAC

Feedback is apreciated :)