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Weekly update:

-Level 8 is almost done :)

-Flamethrower is now twice as big

-Started with level 9

-optimized some power-ups and weapons

-added some screenshake, and flash effects

Background for Level 8 is ready :)

You cant put Lootcrates in a retro-style side-shooter....

I can, and you can destroy them all :)

Nice game, i died in level 2 on the first try:)

The only thing i would change is the Fire-Button, because Y and Z are switched on some keyboards outside the US.

Here some new Level 4 impressions :)

Thanks for dropping by!

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Hi guys,

I  just wanted to share the progress of my first project Guardian Angel. It´s  slowly starting to look like a real game  now :)

After getting some really helpful feedback from the first free gameplay Demo, I changed a few things:

  • Hitboxes are now less precise (less realistic but its better for a fluid gameplay)
  • Edited size and speed of the standard shots
  • Replaced some placeholders with new sprites

Thats all for today, Thanks for dropping by!

 If you like you can also follow the developing process on Twitter and Youtube.

Thank you very much for your Feedback.

The shot-sprites are placeholders for now, I think its no problem to make them bigger.

If the game is ready in time, ill be happy to participate:)

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Thank you for trying out my game!  It was fun to watch the video :)

Use the Flamethrower against large groups of enemies :)

Seems like some hitboxes are to precise, i will fix that in the next update.
The final game will also have 1 difficulty level for people who are not so familiar with this type of game.