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I am for sure confounded, just spent at least an hour trying to solve, after having gotten all the rules (I think...).  Am I missing something obvious or is it a lot of trial and error?  I swear I'm not obsessed with solving this lol (I am)

Yeah I pretty much neglected explicit tutorial text, the blue squares that show up when hovering over the second move (after having moved over a water tile to regain water abilities) allows you to spray water onto those squares, dousing those fires.

Played this with my partner, we had a lot of fun!  (Even though I lost... lol).  This was surprisingly balanced and well thought out.  Great Job!  Hints of monopoly and tic-tac-toe.

I love this!  It felt really polished and well thought out.  At first I didn't like that it was unclear what constituted 'out of control' for the fires (how many fires I needed / how big the fires had to be to win), but after a free rounds I really like the feel it had, where I was constantly battling the people putting them out, without knowing how close I was to winning.  Great Job!  Also just man Pico-8 is rad.

Thanks for responding!  I was able to play through it now, I think I just wasn't standing close enough to the plants before.  This is a tough game!  But I had a lot fun, great job!  And I love the art for the pumpkins, so don't fret the time spent doodling :)

Yeah, I work on a 1440p monitor and not testing it on a more standard resolution leads to some... problems.  Still thank you for checking it out and giving it a try!  My first update post-jam will 1000% be getting it to scale / run at any resolution and have a fullscreen option.

Hey we had a similar concept!  I love how the game plays, and I love the panic of seeing the fire spread in real time.  I was having a little trouble refilling the fire truck when I ran out of water, but I still had a lot of fun.  Cool game!

Really cool concept!  The mad scramble to find the next set of movement keys is cool.  One thing I'll say is slopes seem to be pretty broken (enemies shoot down them, and pausing on one makes you jump).

Would love to check this out because I love the concept, how do I use either of the tools?  I can switch between with 1 and 2, move, but can't seem to use them.

Loved and hated this!  Playing it on a laptop trackpad was an experience, would highly recommend,

Really cool concept!  It might be a bit too easy to win (I never had the red enemies attack my units, but it seeing them switch sides was fun.  Note to others, make sure not to give a unit orders until the previous unit's animation has finished, as it led to a few errors and me getting soft-locked.  Great job!

This is cool, a few quick notes, but the air control on the jump feels a bit off because it changes direction immediately going full speed in the other direction when you turn.  Impressive for the time constraints though.  And cool art style!

Thanks!  I love the idea of this jam but had work that day, so got in what I could.   I might revisit the idea later because I wish I could have had more interesting flying controls.  Thanks for hosting this!