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There is a download button under the description. You can unzip the folder after you download it.

I changed it thanks :D

There is no way, even if you hit the straws you would still die xD

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For starters Aligner is an Indiana Jones themed top-down shooter, where you try to kill enemies with as few bullets as possible. It's relatively short.

Here is the link:

Hope what I do is not wrong but I feel like I should also write what I have written at devlog.

Here is all of the things we have changed:

-  Enemies now shoot the player less frequently.

- Added 8 more levels and changed the level structure a little bit.

- Changed some problems in  previous levels such as floating rocks or misplaced objects.

- Added a level select screen.

- Generally reduced the difficulty a bit. Don't worry the game gets challenging in its own way with the newer levels. And it is still challenging if you are aiming to hit with as few bullets as possible.

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Hello there! Just saw that I can post my newly published games on this community.

This was a game I made back in this year's Global Game Jam. The theme was `Transmission`, and this game was what I came up with.

It is a 5 player coop game, where it is an RTS game for 1 of the players and an Arcade Shooter game for the other 4 players. The only sad part is you need 2 monitors to play this game, because I am too lazy to code a networking system for a jam :/

I have updated some of the features this week and decided to put this on

Well, see you again


You can't win the game actually xD Even if you hit the straws you would still die

I uploaded a patch for the game, you might try it again.

BTW sorry for using you as a tester :/

Seems like it is not working well with different resolutions. I will patch it to make them compatible on different resolutions.

For the controls have you tried pressing any of the keys on the keyboard (E,O,Ctrl,Num8) on the lobby screen.

I have uploaded it, but did not have the chance to test it on an OS X device. If it does not work, I will try to solve the issue.

I hope you find it fun :D

I will upload a Mac build this evening. 

Thanks for the feedback! Never could have though about it. What should we do in order to make it less confusing in your opinion? 

Thanks a lot for playing! We really appreciate it.

You started in front of a window on the final level, guess we weren't able to make it perceivable. And I would suggest using as few ammo as possible if you are up for the challenge. To make things faster, I added the option of quick level reset with the press of 'R' key.
Thanks again for playing our game.

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The performance might be low on some systems for the WebGL version. For those systems, you might want to play the executable version for better performance.

Loved it! Should be played with an Interstellar docking scene music running in the back. Thanks for making us live the scene from the movie.  For beginners, the precision informations on the upper side of the screen are a lot of help.