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Can you also drop the example file from above. I wonder if its possible to get the names of the addon for the example files you already uploaded here? Keep up being hot as fire ;)

i would love to see a midi import. Thanks for your hard work. I love the new tone generator features alot.


i woulld love to see a simple capx example. thanks for your hard work.

Thanks for your interest.

Hello, sadly the plugin was for sale. We could contact author and make it free with
I will try to contact him. I could also make some screenshots but without the plugin its worthless.

Username stands for A+ quality output.

iam pretty fine with what i have setup. I have construct2 and the bulletML Plugin. Everything works well. I just found some LUA code inside some off these XML bulletML Pattern and was curius about that. Its maybe related to the shot speed and ranking and not so much about the bulleet patterns itself.

Dont worry, just wanted to know if its possible to get that lua code into your app and kind of use it in any way. Thanks for clarify and keep up the good work!


i have 4 xml bullet ml pattern with lua code inside.

I wonder if its possible to get some visuals for the lua sources too?

Thanks, iam following your updates with pleasure!

Recording small loops of the generated shaders or sending generated output from your program to other tools might be great addition.

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It was great to record the virtual video from another app, like
i would love to send the shaders into other softwares, like
or e.g. Adobe premiere, which have all support for input and ouput of generated materials via spout. It would be a great addition.  Anyways, i think i am drifting away from your main focus ;)

Thanks for reply!

Oh sorry, i referencing about that site:
So the most VJ apps have it. Its like an virtual audio cable but for video.

Thanks a lot!

 Is there a small change to get an zeal spout video output ?

Hello, will it be possbile to import shaders from shadertoy and glslsandbox? Keep up the awesome work!

thanks alot!

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As i install them manually, i had to figure out which is a behaviour and which is a plugin. It would be helpful to give a info via this site or on the name itself. baby3d is the main plugin and the rest are behaviours.I see that its clearly written in the Includes section, but still would love to have it at the file names.Keep up the awesome work!

Thanks a lot for still releasing construct2 addons!

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saving the colorschemes or the setup would be great

Is there a way to load up or edit shaders too, e.g. shadertoy import possible in a near future? some kind of Lfo to trigger/increase parameter values of the shader effects?

I love it. Just what i needed. Keep up the awesome work.

Thanks for putting it on the to-do list. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for sharing, i would love to see an english translation.

dope work. thanks for sharing

Thanks for the update, i now runs fine on my win7 64x OS! I also like the config tool for midi and audio card related stuff. Keep up the good work!

Thanks a lot! 

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i searched for the .vst3 file, i never had a directory structure named .vst3! I will check your other releases there was only a vst3 file. RESOLVED i found the vst3 file ;)

Hello, just downloaded the latest version and found out that the VST3 file is a directory. Love your VST plugin, keep up the good work 1

Thanks for the update!

It would be great to reference a folder in the settings itself, because i dont want to stress my OS ssd HD with so many small files. Keep up the good work!

So there is a large protion with a CC license i see no problems there? Shadertoysender from Zeal has a large libary with shaders too. Shadertoy, glslsandbox and are great resources to implement shader code.

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solved. I had to start it with administrator privileges.
Dope, keep up the good work!

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no window is popoing up, and nothing happens?

- fixed this in version 1.1

Thanks for the info! Keep up the good work!

Will we see an update in the near future, to import from shadertoy and isfshaders and others shader plattforms?

ShaderChain community · Created a new topic Win version


will the windows version will be released in a near future?