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OK! Thanks for reply!

Hello, i just bought your template, but i see nothing in the download section as usual. Keep up the good work!

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i searched for the .vst3 file, i never had a directory structure named .vst3! I will check your other releases there was only a vst3 file. RESOLVED i found the vst3 file ;)

Hello, just downloaded the latest version and found out that the VST3 file is a directory. Love your VST plugin, keep up the good work 1

Thanks for the update!

It would be great to reference a folder in the settings itself, because i dont want to stress my OS ssd HD with so many small files. Keep up the good work!

So there is a large protion with a CC license i see no problems there? Shadertoysender from Zeal has a large libary with shaders too. Shadertoy, glslsandbox and are great resources to implement shader code.

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solved. I had to start it with administrator privileges.
Dope, keep up the good work!

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no window is popoing up, and nothing happens?

- fixed this in version 1.1

Thanks for the info! Keep up the good work!

Will we see an update in the near future, to import from shadertoy and isfshaders and others shader plattforms?

ShaderChain community · Created a new topic Win version


will the windows version will be released in a near future? 

Great addition to  Aseprite! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for the reply! Keep up the fire! <3

Really cool, i have tested just a few and had no luck! Thanks for sharing! You plan any updates to import from isfshaders or other sources?

Thanks for the update! <3

I will test your gem in the next days and will report back! Truly in love with your work!

Thanks for showing some love!

Maybe it was a firewall problem, sound is playing fine now! The wav export is great and an important feature. thanks for sharing your work!
I would love to see to alter the beginning and end of a sample. Sometimes there is a part at the beginning or end. Is it possible to implement something like a Range slider to select from where to play?

Nice tool, it would be great to have an option to choose the audio device. Keep up the good work!

Hello, that would be a awesome update for your tool! Keep up the fire!

Thanks for sharing this gem. Is there a chance to list all possible regex commands together in the input fields, like an preset system?

Thanks alot Tom!

I love it! Great simple black and white line art! Please make a download image option!

Ok. Could be a future feature than? Still an amazing work!

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The input boxes for resize box are not shown after i used the angle tool.

Hello, i tested the demo and found a bug. When you do the angle tool and than try to resize tool the imput boxes are not shown. Very curius about the tool. Keep up the good work!


thanks for sharing VisualiStar. I would like to have the main preferences to be saveable. When i choose Audio Input and exit the default Input is choosen. Any chance that you implemnt to save the Audio Input i choose?

Great update! <3

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Curius about your Editor! I just found out your docu. Thanks for sharing!

I love the slow mo entries into the goal.  Juicy wobbly and cool mech to reach the end of the level. Fun to play!

Great! Very curius how the gem is growing! Keep up the good work!

ShaderChain community · Created a new topic future plan


dope project. I wonder if you have planed to import shader from ISF shaders or shadertoy. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the updates. Will there be an update in the future to load up our own images? I will test it to the bone!

Thanks for sharing this wonderful addition aseprite!

Nice tool, i there a "standalone" version planned? 

Would something like this would work for construct2? Cool Project, keep up the good work!