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Thank you so much for playing and giving such detailed, thoughtful feedback. It really means a lot to me.

The movement was inspired by the hammer bro from mario odyssey, and in that game it didn't take me long to understand that I could jump while doing a "hop." I was hoping people would feel the same way about my frog's movement, but I guess not. I'd like to know why, but in the end, I could've just fixed it by mentioning it by the controls.

I think all of your criticisms are insightful and on-point, especially the bit about my "reality" mechanic. I would've liked to flesh it out more to give the player more variety in tackling levels. I had an idea to make a level with NPCs that try to follow you and attack you, and have some mechanic around that as well, but I didn't have time.

Thanks again for playing and for your super helpful feedback!

Thanks for playing and giving feedback! Glad you like the dance lol

I'm so glad you had fun! I don't necessarily disagree that this application of the theme is a stretch, but that's not really a bad thing imo. Most of the games revolve around a literal object that isn't real, so I figure this game shakes it up a bit.

Thanks so much for playing!

The mechanics themselves need polish to avoid the bugs that others are mentioning, but I was still really impressed with this game. The puzzles had thought put into them, the art and music were very pretty, and the story had so much substance. You did a really awesome job with this game. Great work!

This game is so clever, and you executed on the concept really well! I love games like this that allow you to explore instead of putting everything right in your face. Great work!

Could you rate mine? I'll check out yours tonight. Thank you!

I'll rate yours tonight, please rate mine! Thank you!

that was really cool! The presentation was fantastic - great graphics and audio. The controls were a bit wonky, you could have made the movement a little slower, but they weren't too bad. The ghosts were so weak that I usually just disregarded them, so maybe they could've been buffed too. 

Overall, a really fun and well-executed game, especially for the time constraints. Very well done!

I'd appreciate your feedback! I'll rate yours tonight.

I need four more ratings myself, so I'd appreciate if you could rate mine. I'll rate yours now - thanks!

I really like the goofy sense of humor that this game has - a lot of the failure messages made me laugh out loud. I also like the idea of making a game pack for a jam, because it lets you try a lot of different ideas.

I only played the first two games, I had to give up on the second one, but my criticism is the same for both: don't make your games completely based in trial-and-error! You said there's a trick for the first game, so maybe I missed it, but I just beat it by memorizing the solution and getting a little lucky. Is there another way to beat it? It seems like there's no distinction between the real and fakes, because the characters didn't change at all visually after getting a hit in. I also had the issue where my input was disabled after losing once, so I had to reset the entire game to try again. 

I have the same issue for the second maze game, you're just trying over and over until you win. I think it could be improved if you give the player opportunities to use their skill to avoid dying instead of leaving it up to luck and memory.

Overall, I did have fun playing this. In the future you should put a little more thought into the gameplay though. You have a good sense of humor and good ideas, so make full use of them by making the gameplay skill based instead of luck based.

This is insanely cute and inventive, and it really deserves more attention. You did such a great job transforming such an odd but relatable concept into a well-polished, fun game. You should be proud of that.

My only complaint is that some parts are drawn out a bit too much. For example, the long pauses between sections into getting immediately bombarded with fast obstacles and enemies is a little jarring, and the final boss took too many hits. He could have used a more challenging attack pattern, I think. 

Minor complaints aside, this was a really fun game. Great job!

You did a great job building atmosphere, which is just about the most important and difficult thing you can do in a horror game (in my opinion), especially under a game jam's time crunch. The scenes with the monster in the window and seeing its shadow were both well done.

The best way to improve this would be to have more payoff for all the atmosphere you've built up, though. I'm surprised that nothing tried to chase or kill me in this game. It ended sort of anti-climactically right after the scariest part, which would've been the best part to really scare the player. You worked hard to build that atmosphere up, so take your reward and scare me with it!

All that said, I love a good horror experience. Great job, I hope to see more from you guys in the future.

Thanks for playing and giving feedback.

Thanks so much for your feedback! I'm really happy you enjoyed it and managed to complete it.

Thank you!

Really, really impressive looking game in just about every aspect. Some of the assets in this game are so good that they look like they could be part of a complete project. Your presentation is probably the best in this game jam that I've seen. You did a really great job with this game, and you should be proud of it.

That said, since you gave me a lot of substance to work with, I have some constructive criticism too. Don't be intimidated by the length of this comment, I just added a lot of detail:

1. The timer should probably have been left out. Since the placements are randomized, the player doesn't learn much from failure. Plus, the atmosphere of the game is somewhat cartoony and laid back, so it doesn't really make sense to rush. You made a gorgeous, compelling environment, so don't punish us for taking our time while exploring it.

2. Speaking of the runes, I think you should have placed them manually instead of randomizing them. It's kind of cool that they're random and I know it was probably for replay value, but the issue is that players will enter unique areas that are somewhat hard to access, like the mountain, and not get rewarded for it. I got all the way to the top of the mountain, but I didn't get a rune. I didn't even get a good vantage point of the meadow to find more runes, because the trees blocked everything. The only thing I got was getting blasted by a little dragon at the top of the mountain! This would have been a good opportunity to reward the player for exploring.

3. It's not really clear what any of the NPCs are doing. It seems like some dragons are flying around, some are laying on their backs motionless, and some try to shoot you with fire. Are they good or evil? It would have been nice to distinguish them from one another. Also, I don't know if this is intentional, but the dog I found just says "I'll help you on your quest!" and does nothing but follow me around. I don't think he does anything useful, maybe I'm wrong though.

4. The environment, while beautiful, does look pretty same-y in most areas. Aesthetically this is fine - you did a really good job with it regardless. But for finding runes, it gets difficult, because it's hard to know where you were and where you still need to go. I wasn't actually able to get more than 5 runes, and I didn't drag my feet - I combed through the whole map a few times. 

I hope you know that I only have this much to say because I was kind of inspired by this game. I've played some pretty great games in this jam, but didn't expect to see anything this good looking. Great work - let me know if you decide to add more features, I'd be happy to try them.

I'll rate yours tonight, I'd appreciate if you would do the same. Thank you!

I'll rate yours tonight, I'd appreciate if you would do the same. Thank you!

I'll rate yours tonight, I'd love some genuine feedback on mine. Thank you!

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This was a really interesting experience. The concept is cool, but I did find some of the souls hard to get, like the one that required me to jump down into the pit. My only real complaint is the music though. It's kind of grating, but everything else is still good. All that said, the story you crafted is really good, and I had fun playing it. Well done!

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I'll play yours now, I'd appreciate feedback on mine. Thank you!

EDIT: I can't play this on my laptop, so I will play and review it on my gaming PC tomorrow. It looks really good!

Thanks so much for your feedback! I'm glad you liked the mechanics, and I agree that I'll put more polish on my next 3D game's controls. Platformers aren't usually my thing anyways, but I know that bad controls can make a good game hard to play.

This was a really fun game with a cute concept. The last part with the spaceships was really awesome, I loved that you added a little screen shake to make it more immersive. Great work!

I'll play yours now, I'd appreciate feedback on mine. Thank you!

Agreed that losing power ups and keeping track of them was a little difficult. I ended up falling in a pit and no way out, so I had to quit the game. I would recommend making them unlimited, or making sure the player has a way to reliably restock their powers to avoid getting stuck.

However, the mechanics are still really cool and I had fun with it. I was impressed by the high-level concept, it seems like you put a lot of thought into it. Awesome work!

Very interesting concept, fun gameplay and cool background track. However, the controls were pretty frustrating. Making the rope trigger to be both mouse buttons was hard to wrap my head around, and the player moves way faster than expected - I jumped off the edge by accident a lot. I think the controls could use tweaking and there could be a bit more guidance in the beginning, but I still had a lot of fun with it. Great work!

Unfortunately I can't play because I also have most of the screen missing, and none of the controls work. Looks like an awesome game though.

I'll play yours now, I'd appreciate feedback on mine. Thank you!

I'll play yours now, I'd appreciate feedback on mine. Thank you!

Thanks for playing! I understand your frustration, the level could've used a bit more forethought. I was thinking I should make it challenging since there are only 3, but it could've at least used a checkpoint.

Thanks for your comment! I don't think it is because I got a license for it here, so I'd imagine the vocals are from a producer pack or something. 

Dude it's incredible that you were able to make me scared with no scary music or sudden loud sounds. Just some creepy models, small and dark hallways, and footstep noises. Incredible work! Only thing is that I had a guy waiting outside my hiding spot after getting my 2nd lightswitch, so I had no way to get out of it. You may want to work on your exit logic for the monster to start walking away to make sure that doesn't happen.

That minor issue aside, you did an awesome job.

It's funny you say that, I was also thinking of Baba is You when I came up with the idea! I also love that you say it's polished. I know the controller needs work to be more precise, but I think it's decent overall. Thanks so much for playing and commenting!

This was an adorable, fun, and innovative game! You really accomplished a lot with so little. I felt really immersed and was focusing so hard to get all 7 fish! This is a rare achievement for a game jam game imo. I don't think any game I've played so far has impressed me like this.

Fantastic work, can't wait to see what else you make.

I'll play and rate yours now, I'd love if you could do the same for mine:

Thank you!

I have a short, challenging game that I'd love your feedback on. I'll review yours now. Thanks!

I had a lot of fun with this! I know it's short but I loved the concept, and the last part where you had to time the switch from the blue platform was really cool. I think you have a strong idea of what makes platformers fun, I hope to see more in the future. Great job!