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Amazing, thanks for taking the time to respond.

Hi, really lovely, very interested in what shaders you used in unity? Did you make them yourself?  There very effective. 

Love to hear peoples thoughts if they have any.

Recently finished this opus. It plays for about 45 mins. But it highly polished, and very tight.

It feels like itch is its home. Give it a whirl if you find the time.

Hey, I just have done launched, and was looking for a few tips. I sent it every whichaway I could think of, but with no luck. I announced about 3 months out from Finnish. Mostly because I was not sure if my product would be polished enough to put out. itch sales have been a bit disappointing honesty, and I am not sure how to address that.

One thing I did do, that I thought was of interest to people was write a reallllly long medium post on making my game. For animators, (i come from the animation community). That way I was finding out more about process. Which some people do.

You can check that out here if your interested...