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hey drugon! ah good point.. my site no longer exists, so i've uploaded the original old versions here, you can download them above - and

oh no.. by earlier, do you mean an earlier build of the game? or, has anything changed in your setup since then (like, new computer, new gpu, new monitor etc..anything different?).. what resolution are you running it at?

hey, rad!!! thanks for that, t'was really cool to read :D 

hey, ta! sorry, no plans for a mac version - my mac broke. the windows build runs well in WINE on linux, is there WINE for mac? 

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oh huh, i've been sending each new build to the FA folks, guess they haven't got around to updating it.. contact them and ask? (i'll ask em too).. btw i'll probably stop sending updates to FA at some point. happy to keep doing it for the time being, i mean i don't have any particular plans to stop or anything, but it was just a one-off thing originally - just FYI :) 


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aha! looks like the problem is because (at least some flavours of?) linux don't like running executables directly from a GUI/file explorer window - you're meant to have a special .desktop metadata file, or a shell script.. i've updated it (grab with some shell scripts in there ("run_windowed", "run_fullscreen") which simply load the executable - hopefully these will make it work! seems to do the trick here. sorry about that, i just run things from commandline so didn't notice this was a thing.. please let me know if you try it and still no luck.

(the thing i thought i might've forgotten was to link it to the included copy of the GLEW lib - had this problem in the past, not all linux distros have this lib in their repos apparently. but nah, i'd remembered it this time, phew)

after unzipping it, you should have a "potion" folder containing a "res" folder and two executables.. run one of those (potion_w for windowed mode, potion_fs for fullscreen) in the same way you usually run stuff - double click from a GUI file manager window, or type ". /potion_w" etc from commandline..  or is it that you're doing that and it's not working? i now have he sneaking suspicion i've forgotten to do something it needs for max compatibility.. will check later.. 

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hey Chris.. wow, thanks!! you are kind. i really appreciate the thought but wouldn't really feel comfortable with having someone else having to maintain it and pay for it. maybe slightly irrational but it just feels like it'd be a stressful situation. the way i see it, the game had a good run... by the end it was nowhere near making back its yearly license cost, and then i made it free (and a friend did in fact insist on paying for it to stay up for a couple more years when i couldn't afford to, hehe).. but it stopped working'd just be a source of stress to me now. the R version, what i'd really like is to get it on consoles via a publisher (i just don't have the time to deal with business side of things any more. this is all strictly a spare time hobby for me now).. it's fairly likely if i hook up with one, they'd wanna put it on iOS too, so, it's a possibility.... we'll see... there's still a lot more i want to add to the game before i properly try making that happen. so, sorry to be a bit boring! ANYWAY, totally happy to send you the original iOS source code for your own use if you want (drop me an email - though be warned it's *horrible* :D

sorry for being so slow! i have finally replied. -_-

(oh, i just noticed this old comment).. hey, in case you didn't already see it, the latest update to this game has customisable keys and also FPS capped at 60, so hopefully this will solve these problems! if you try it i'd be very interested to know if the keys customiser works properly on Russian keyboard

well, maybe.. it might be in an unworking state, i can't remember... anyways, email me ( so i have your email address and i'll dig out the code for ya

BTW is it specifically the iOS platform you're keen on? or is it the old version of FMN? cuz you can grab that for pc/mac at if you want. (<R is way better tho! =))

i don't want to like, officially release the code (it's awful).. i've sent the code to a few people who asked.. it's in a half unfinished state, i can't remember what needs doing or what's broken, so.. it's all just a bit messy.. you want to try building it?

yeah i had started trying to update it at one point but then my iphone died and i got a not-iphone...couldn't really afford to keep paying apple and decided to let it die.. soo probably never, sorry..

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glad you like it! yep, i send any new builds i do to the FA folk to update their bundle with, though i have no control over if/when they do it.. (coincidentally i've been working on FMN again recently & a small update is incoming within the next couple days.. hurrah! ) 

ah.. whoops! sorry.. i will try to make it run at a locked 60 on all systems in a future update. for now i'm not sure if there's anything to do about it.. 

can you please try holding F1 - this will print the FPS in the lower left corner - it should be 60. i've been told the game does run at double speed on some high frequency monitors! (though pondskum mode IS quite confusing and hard to see where you are in :)) 

haha thanks :D v enjoyable video, my face hurts from grinning now

oh hey! thanks! glad you like it. and thanks for the offer...i reckon i'll just keep slowly working on it until i consider it 100% awesome and then might look into a wider release... for now it would just give me too much stress haha.. i'll get back to you if i change my mind =)

hey croci.. sorry my linux build might be more hassley than it could be. still working out best practises for releasing linux stuff. i think all you need to install is SDL2. far as I can tell this should do it: 

in a terminal window, run: 

sudo apt-get install libsdl2-2.0

(or if you use a GUI package manager just search it for SDL2). pretty sure that'll be all you need but i'm on my phone rn, can't check. lemme know if it still won't work. thanks :) also good idea, i'll add a linux install note.. 

nah.. i know those are popular but i don't really know much about them and i'm happy with just itch :) 

only infinite for now.. though i'm planning on improving/extending the level-arc, and giving it something like an ending, eventually


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thanks JP! (and Itch tech support! wow that's really good.) whoops, sorry bout that..i'll add a build with glew included soon =)

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yeah the game has no sound yet - the music in that video is just some unrelated tracks of mine.. sorry for confusion!