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yeah i had started trying to update it at one point but then my iphone died and i got a not-iphone...couldn't really afford to keep paying apple and decided to let it die.. soo probably never, sorry..

What about releasing the full source code, so everyone can build it? Or at least asking someone to finalize the update for you?

i don't want to like, officially release the code (it's awful).. i've sent the code to a few people who asked.. it's in a half unfinished state, i can't remember what needs doing or what's broken, so.. it's all just a bit messy.. you want to try building it?

Ah yes! I can try to build it myself! I'm familiar with XCode so it won't be a problem for me! :) 

well, maybe.. it might be in an unworking state, i can't remember... anyways, email me ( so i have your email address and i'll dig out the code for ya

Thank you, I'm sending you an email right now.

Hey! I've sent you an email last week. Have you seen it? Thanks.

sorry for being so slow! i have finally replied. -_-

BTW is it specifically the iOS platform you're keen on? or is it the old version of FMN? cuz you can grab that for pc/mac at if you want. (<R is way better tho! =))

Yep! This is the iOS version I'm looking for. I should try the <R version one day...