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thanks ! thats the intention :)

i'm late but here

thank you!!!!!!!! omg this means so much to me, ahhhhhhh!!!! thank you for the kind words,,,

I love this...what did you make this in? This art style is so cute and unique.

thanks dude! That’s some good advice and I’ll remember that for next time.

thank you! glad you enjoyed it

interesting analysis. i must say i am new at this whole interactive fiction thing and this helps a lot. 

however i am a bit confused at the first and last parts of this. what does "two text-box turns too much" mean? are you saying there was too much dialogue per interaction?

and that final verdict....ouch, but once again i am a rookie lol. got any suggestions? things you might wish for in the future?

(also, maybe i should have made it clear but this isnt going to be a standalone story. this game is only the beginning of a larger narrative i plan on discussing.) 

cute. i like the colors and the overall aesthetic.

Ooooo can’t wait to play...always look forward to your stuff porp

thank you!! ;___; this means so much to me you have no idea....

thank you!!!!

Do you think you ever make a guide on these endings? im so bad at this game and I’ve never been able to get any ending ;u; sorry if this is boeghering u! this game is so good

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I love it! I don’t know what’s going on, but I love it! Wish I knew how to get to the end though...

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theres something about this that is incredibly beautiful and profound.