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I love it! I don’t know what’s going on, but I love it! Wish I knew how to get to the end though...


thank you! there are multiple possible involves demon to the professor in the city by the sea...the other involves finding all the blue rooms and sparkly orbs

Do you think you ever make a guide on these endings? im so bad at this game and I’ve never been able to get any ending ;u; sorry if this is boeghering u! this game is so good


the professor in the lab in the south isle connected by bridge to the sea city of Glitzfoam will show you 4-tile images that match locations in the world. hidden booster packs await...once you build your deck, go to the city of roads in the upper middle of the world map and go to the lower right tower to face the ultimate challenge,.,,..

another ending: find all the sparkly things and follow the cryptic instructions in the mountain in the island

thank you!!!!