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I seriously don't mind the flappy bird game play concept.. But come on... pipes as obstacles :/ 

With some original artistic design this game can work so much more! Like, I don't know, instead of pipes at the bottom. Make some football opponents trying to steal the ball, make them run at you or jumping up to get the ball. Make them choreograph how high they will jump or if they stay at the ground with animations. Add some other obstacles in the sky to make it challenging. A goalpost would also be fun to aim at, like if there was a goalkeeper preventing you to score a goal. A crowd cheering you on if you do good..

Tl:dr, I see potential if you give this game some more time in the oven. :)

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Would it defeat the point of this jam if you add a "you can jump one extra time"-power-up? Like with the yellow arrows in the Jumper(Ogmo) game series. Right now, I believe that the game is to easy. Both to succeed and to fail. I would like to fail further in a challenging level then fail a simple jump in a short level. I need some frustration to feel accomplished finishing a good/hard level. 

Tl:dr, give me a challenge :D

This! Wow.. This adds a whole new challenge to the good old snake. 

I'm glad that I'd teach the sheep math! Now.. where is my water bottle :p