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Thanks! Yeah tried taking the things people liked about the Todd-game and add it to this one. Glad you liked it!

Hahah thanks!  Difficult question, I just had a pretty strong idea on what I wanted to do so didn't have to spend any time planning the project.  Also game-development just makes me happy so just building for 2 months straight doesn't feel that bad.

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Hey! Just completed a demo for my game Fight Corp. Its a third-person, over the top action adventure game where you have to literally battle your way up the corporate ladder. Im a solo-developer so I dont have any playtesters but myself, so feedback is much appreciated!

Thank you!! I'll add some secret stuff in the next update. Probably gonna fix some online high-score system for those who are intrested in that as well :)

Hey thanks again! And great feedback!

Thats a really good perspective on the Boat-King fight, kinda realized now that its a bit tedious if you dont know what to do, baiting out the attacks can be kinda slow. Intresting, the 3 like joke characters where more fun than the giant king mech!

You can wall-run up its leg though when he does that standard sword-into-the-ground move, a lot easier and you wind up right at his head! But yeah definately gonna make that fight more exciting it seems. At least the segway was fun, hehe.

Really impressed that you figured out the sign-throw into an air-attack! Probably the most fun move-combo you can do!

Yeah, gonna add some more combo-food enemies as filler matches, think Im gonna structure it like 2 filler matches then a boss and some neat story-missions in between as well.

You did a perfect voice for the E-Tier manager btw! Really glad the cutscenes were enjoyable, had to set up a pretty crazy game-universe so Im glad the cutscenes made it work!

Thanks again! Your feedback is super good since Im the only one play-testing, so I have no idea how others will experience it.

Alright just completed the demo!

Would be super happy if you wanted to make another video on one of my games!

Heres a little sneak-preview :)

Haha oh wow! Thanks for playing, and especially for making a video!!

Yeah I can agree with a lot of what you said about the combat - my current project is aiming to have the same visceral feel you described, but with a super quick dodge as well. Super good that you left that feedback in the end there, since Im a solo-dev I kinda have to guess whats gonna be fun since I dont have playtesters either.

This demo took 2.5 months to make! Unfortunately I had to rush it for the competition.

Also Todd is a male! Didn't pay too much attention to the character design before, but someone at the competition also thought it was a woman, so I'll have to look into that hehe.

Thanks again! Look out for my next project since its looking to do everything Todd VS. The Hellmyers Foundation did, but improved in a lot of the ways you described!