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Haha oh wow! Thanks for playing, and especially for making a video!!

Yeah I can agree with a lot of what you said about the combat - my current project is aiming to have the same visceral feel you described, but with a super quick dodge as well. Super good that you left that feedback in the end there, since Im a solo-dev I kinda have to guess whats gonna be fun since I dont have playtesters either.

This demo took 2.5 months to make! Unfortunately I had to rush it for the competition.

Also Todd is a male! Didn't pay too much attention to the character design before, but someone at the competition also thought it was a woman, so I'll have to look into that hehe.

Thanks again! Look out for my next project since its looking to do everything Todd VS. The Hellmyers Foundation did, but improved in a lot of the ways you described!

I love finding games like yours! I'd be very interested in seeing your next project building off this, keep me in the loop or shoot me a message when it's out!


Heres a little sneak-preview :)

You have my curiosity...

Alright just completed the demo!

Would be super happy if you wanted to make another video on one of my games!