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gonna make a hive with no obstacles now

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aah... my picture is too big for

ill try anyway give me a minute

got it down to 3.9MB...

ahh got it:

might have to use the classic browser Ctrl+Plus

Yep, but i'm realizing i missed a few...

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my map have 1681 spots :/

over 1000 of them are empty

all defended tho...

lol, I was bored so I filled the entire map with cells...

Because of only a .py file, you can try using pyinstaller as a program to convert into a exe

My download failed because of "Virus Detected". Do you know anything about this?

Text Jam community · Created a new topic cover image

In case you're wondering, I got the cover image by printing a large text from

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Good point with the environment, I'd also like to point out Python, which is basically the same thing as Mini Micro. Just a little more console based.