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Could use a bit more interaction, other than just a pick your own adventure type game. The creativity in the story is great though.

hmmm, probably not, because pencil and paper isn't necessarily text-based


Um, but how exactly do you plan on submitting this game?


Just a funny compilation of all of them,

  1. The thumbnail is wrong
  2. The countdown is off-centered
  3. The words move horizontally a little bit when they're not supposed to
  4. I put it together in like 10 minutes

Well, the animation I took like maybe 30 minutes to create is already done, and uploaded, so now we just wait

Problem I have is that I want an open ended topic, but not one that is too generic. Now that I say that, the topic I actually chose probably doesn't work as well...

What do you mean by this?

I don't see how it would fit into the text based games idea

I think I have a theme, but I don't know how it'll work out... we'll just have to wait and see

Yes, there will now be a theme, check out this post: to submit theme ideas(because I'm too lazy to think of some myself)

Text Jam 2021 community · Created a new topic Theme Ideas
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The jam literally starts tomorrow, and I made up my mind to add a theme. If you have any ideas, put them here. The theme will be revealed when the jam starts.

It should be fine, but be careful of graphical bugs in the console, unlike using an actual console.

If it adds to the game, sure, but try not to go overboard

I don't know. Maybe if more people join, I'll make a theme, we'll have to wait and see until maybe a week before the jam.

When it says dangerous, press show more and there will be a button "run anyway" that you can use.

gonna make a hive with no obstacles now

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aah... my picture is too big for

ill try anyway give me a minute

got it down to 3.9MB...

ahh got it:

might have to use the classic browser Ctrl+Plus

Yep, but i'm realizing i missed a few...

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my map have 1681 spots :/

over 1000 of them are empty

all defended tho...

lol, I was bored so I filled the entire map with cells...

My download failed because of "Virus Detected". Do you know anything about this?

Text Jam community · Created a new topic cover image

In case you're wondering, I got the cover image by printing a large text from

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Good point with the environment, I'd also like to point out Python, which is basically the same thing as Mini Micro. Just a little more console based.